The Alternate Stitch

Zen and the Art of Producing the Best Sock

It was my 2nd day on the job at Darn Tough Vermont when Ric Cabot, our Founder and CEO, sat near my desk, sighed, and asked “So, … what is Quality?” Ric likes to ask open questions like that, like most people who are more interested in the discussion than the answer.

Skiing the Tordrillos: Less About the Snow & More About the People
While socks serve an incredibly important job of keeping my feet warm and able to perform my job, skiing, another must pack item is the crew that you surround yourself with. They have the equally important task of keeping your soul warm.
Find Your Valentine's Day Sole-Mate
This Valentine’s Day, instead of swiping and swiping to find your soulmate, let’s spend some time finding your sole-mate. Or, if you’ve already got a soulmate, now’s a great time to hook them up with their future sole-mate.
Winning the Lottery: Tips for Snagging Park Permits

It’s a new year, and that means it is time to think about summer outdoor objectives! It is also time to put in for those tough to get lotteries. To help with your planning, below is a list of 8 of these lotteries with dates, some lottery tips and, of course, the perfect sock for when you win.

Banished No More: Ending My Era of Stinky Snowboard Boots
Veteran skiers and riders know it well. That pervasive fragrance wafting from baseboards, radiators, heat ducts, or wherever warm air meets a drying boot liner. Eau du boot: something only a seasoned lover of the mountains might find remotely nostalgic, evidence of a hard day spent on the hill.
Native Vermonter, Maple Syrup Enthusiast, Female Hunter: Jamie Dragon
As a woman hunter, it has been challenging to find clothing and products that fit and perform well. I have struggled to find sufficient hunting gear for over a decade, and even the most expensive lines aren't conducive to women's needs. It seems most companies slap a unisex label on a men's product and call it a day.
Jake Blauvelt on Developing the Backwoods Sock

I thought I knew what it took to make a good snowboard sock, but I had no clue. Luckily all of the designers are amazing and they really helped coach me through what it was going to take to make a great shred sock. I’d say I walked away from the experience feeling grateful that Darn Tough was on my side.

7 for 2022: Sock-Centric Resolutions for the New Year

Somehow 2021 seemed to fly by while simultaneously feeling like 2020 never ended. It’s important to keep the glass half-full by finding joy wherever you can. Whether that’s getting outside more, finishing that stack of books or investing in some new Merino Wool socks, now is the perfect time to set some resolutions for 2022.

The History of Merino Wool, From Flock to Sock
The Merino Wool story is full of top-notch historical characters and plot twists (steal a sheep and get beheaded on order of the King, oh my!). So we’ll do our best to condense the tale of how we got from wild sheep shredding the hills to our current and future source of naturally warm and moisture-controlling fabric.
Off the Cuff Sock Poetry
Imagine the holiday cheer when our recent email sparked some amazing responses from you, including original poems. So, put on a pair of your warmest Merino Wool socks, pour yourself a holiday beverage, and enjoy some of our favorite poem responses written by you.
Hometown Hero: Q&A with Professional Snowboarder Jake Blauvelt
Born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont, pro snowboarder Jake Blavulet is our hometown hero, so we asked him some questions so you could get to know Jake like we do.
Socks, the Best Gift for That Person Who's Impossible to Shop for

What do you buy someone(s) who is impossible to shop for? Friends or family members who just don’t care what you get them, they just want some smidge of acknowledgement that you’re thinking about them? Why socks, of course!

A Million Meals, A Million Thanks

One Million Meals. This Giving Tuesday, you helped us donate our millionth meal to the Vermont Foodbank. A million meals to people facing hunger, right in our own community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Starfish vs Seagull: And Other Wild Warranty Tales
“He ran down to the beach in his Darn Tough socks. He grabbed the starfish, ran out into the water and flung the starfish into the waves... in his mission to save the starfish, he lost a sock in the sea.”
T’was the Night of Sock Giving
T’was the night of sock giving, a drink was secured,
With laptop full charge, and the armchair reserved;
There were names on a list, but no presents to match,
So off to Darn Tough with an itch they could scratch.
Merino Wool Is Still King: Northwoods Whitetails Hunting Kits
Merino Wool is still the king — nothing comes close to providing the same performance and protection, especially when hiking 15 miles up and down mountains in fresh snow.
The Time of Boots & Boot Socks
Want to know the clincher that makes a good boot day a GREAT boot day? Boot socks. Let me tell you why boot socks are so great, and why, if you have a closet full of boots like I do, you also need a matching drawer full of boot socks.
Family Owned. Family Run. Three Generations of Darn Tough
Darn Tough has always been a company that embodies the definition of family, and that does not fall short when it comes to the Palic family. My name is Denis Palic and I am a third generation Palic working here at Darn Tough.
How to Choose the Right Socks for Work
Here’s the deal: you can have the best, most technical work boots or shoes in the world, but your feet are not going to be happy if you are wearing a crappy pair of socks
Can I Borrow Some Socks?
And a little part of me will always hesitate when I walk through the front door and kick off my shoes. I grew up in a shoes-on household in the U.S., where the status of your shoes was never a point of discussion.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors: The Story of Vermont Foodbank’s Partnership with Darn Tough
The story of Vermont Foodbank’s partnership with Darn Tough is one that reflects this unique Green Mountain State community.