The Alternate Stitch

Fastest Known Time, or Feel, Know, Trust? The Long Trail FKT
When Ben Feinson, son of our Head of Product, went out for the Fastest Known Time on The Long Trail, we headed out to capture moments of his run. But what we ended up witnessing was much more than someone on a run.
Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer. Breathable Socks All Year Round.
Here’s how Darn Tough uses the advantages of Merino Wool to make socks that work in all seasons: warm in the winter, cool in the summer, dry and breathable all the time. If that sounds like a wild sheep chase, read on to find out more.
Who Makes Darn Tough Socks? Part 1
We get asked a lot about Mill tours. We don't currently have them, but if you've ever wondered who makes Darn Tough socks and what our process is, we did want to give you an inside look.
Choosing the Right Running Socks
Hey, what's up? I'm Josh Ferenc coming at you from Vermont, talking to you about how to choose running socks. Running socks are going to make a huge difference.
The Social Circle of Socks
When pandemic culture tore us apart from our basic friendships, my headspace got pretty lonely – not unlike a lost puppy; not unlike an orphaned sock.
5-ish Reasons You Need Our Merino Wool Socks in Your Life
You can grow old appreciating socks, but you grow wise appreciating Merino Wool socks. And if there’s something we feel comfortable with, it’s experience with the best wool socks.
Why You Shouldn't Wear Cotton Socks
Now this isn’t an attack ad against cotton. This is more an informative piece, informing you that when it comes to what you should wear on your body while being active indoors or outdoors, it’s neither cotton’s time nor place.
5 Weird Sock Questions, Answered
If you have ever wondered about some of the weird questions we have fielded from customers here in the sock biz, we’ve got you covered!
How to Choose the Right Socks
In this post, we will dive into the knitty gritty (pun intended) of how to find the best socks to fit your needs. We will consider your footwear, as well as the many heights, weights, cushioning levels, and tech features.
Get Fit at Home with Robert Killian
We asked Robert Killian, two time world athlete and world-renowned Spartan racer, to give us some tips and tricks on how he stays fit at home with his gear (including Darn Tough socks, of course).
4VTFB: A Sock Knit to Benefit The Vermont Foodbank
There are a lot of healthy choices you can make every day, but this one feeds the soul AND others in need. The new Foodbank Farmer’s Market sock is knit to service the Vermont Foodbank, with 100 percent of its proceeds.
Mill Essentials: Getting Back to the Mill, Safely
With a few government orders to fulfill, we worked out some safe operating protocols to get things running again at our Mill in Northfield, VT, even if just a little. Here's just a few of the people we were happy to see
Bring the HEAT on Zoom
Take your Zoom backgrounds to the next level. Really resonate with the target audience. Show everyone in your life what it means to be Darn Tough with a custom virtual background and that you too, can be a silly goose.
4 Features That Make the Element Our Best Athletic Socks Yet
The Element socks have the Darn Tough comfort, durability, and fit wrapped around key features that stand the test of time. Basically, we wanted a fitness sock you'd want to wear all the time, and one that you could.
What We Give - Staff Gift Picks
The idea here is pretty simple - when you have all the socks we knit within your grasp, and are looking for a gift, what you choose is likely founded in some clear, comfortable, fitting, local experience you'll guarantee offers a lifetime of joy. 
Mother Knows Best: Socks Gifts for Mom

Not sure it matters if she's your Mom or not, because nearly every woman you know likely appreciates comfortable feet, due to the most comfortable socks. So check out these out sock gift ideas for mom (we even shared our favorite colors):

Dad's Weekend Starter Pack - Sock Gift Ideas
We put a list together of a couple go-to sock gift ideas if you, or someone you know, could use a fresh step. They're great for dad, but these socks are popular with just about everyone, so don't limit yourself.
Northfield Pigman Lives
We love a good ghost or monster story... the headless horseman, Hamlet's father, Sasquatch, you name it. Imagine our pleasure when we found out about a story a little closer to home. 
Not Taken Lightly - Redesigning the Light Hiker Sock
Redesigning the Light Hiker, one of the most popular hiking socks in the line, was a challenge, for sure. How do you "fix" something that wasn't necessarily broken? There are enough thru-hikers out there giving us solid intel.
Pressing Matters - Snowboards, Handmade in VT
Next time you're in VT, check out MTN Local Snowboards. You can pair your VT-made socks with a VT-made board for the perfect run.
The Mia Sock
A story from Lyn Feinson, our VP of Product Design and Development, on her experience collaborating with our youngest sock designer, 7 year old Mia.