close up on model featuring our Men's Lightweight Quarter Hiker in space gray

Men's Quarter Socks

Men’s Quarter Socks for low-cut hiking boots, running shoes, work shoes, and more. These quarter crew socks site just above the ankle, protecting your Achilles and ankle bone from rubbing and chaffing, while keeping a low profile.

We knit ¼ socks from Merino Wool with unique features specifically for hikers, runners, athletes, and workers. You can expect them to rise about 3 inches above a low shoe, or stay completely hidden behind above ankle footwear. If you keep thinking your crew socks are just a tad too tall, these short men’s socks might be your solution. 

Pro tip: wear a pair of these with Crocs around camp - they're arguably the ultimate men's camping socks.

Shop our entire selection of ¼ socks, from work socks designed for steel-toe footwear to men's quarter running socks.