Close up shot of model pulling up 6096 Men's Wild Life Crew Lightweight Lifestyle Sock in Dark Teal colorway and wearing black sneakers

Men's Crew Socks

Men’s Crew socks for everyday casual, business dress, mid-week workouts, and more. What are crew socks? Sitting right under the calf muscle, the crew height is a sock drawer standard that pairs with everything from sneakers to dress shoes. Simple, useful, classic.

We knit our lightweight crew socks for men in a variety of patterns and colors for formal events, workouts, or couch parties. Standard black and white crew socks blend with your slacks, while fun stripes and animal socks make a statement. For some extra comfort, check out our cushioned options.

What makes these the best men’s crew socks, though, is all in what you can’t see – they’re knit from moisture wicking Merino Wool, keeping your feet cool, dry, and just the right temperature. So go ahead, break a sweat. After all, they’re odor resistant, too.

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