Socks for Military & Duty Boots

Shop Tactical Socks: Person in combat fatigues putting on boots over military boot socksShop Tactical Socks: Person in combat fatigues putting on boots over military boot socks

First on Foot™

Your boots are only as tough as your socks. That’s why our socks are first on foot and always your first line of defense.

Tactical Features

Serviceman putting on military boots and tactical socks, with callouts on the socks pointing out specific features

A. Thermoregulating

Merino Wool naturally wicks moisture and helps regulate body temperature in all weather, keeping your soles dry when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

B. Anti-Blister

Promoting foot health is a sacred practice for soldiers, first responders, and those who rely on their feet. Namely, high-friction blister prevention – it’s how our socks earn rank.

C. Breathable

Targeted mesh panels are strategically knit to enhance breathability, making Merino Wool the best at combating sweaty feet in boots.

D. Anti-Microbial

Our Merino Wool tactical socks work next to skin to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, keeping your feet healthy and odor-free.

Berry Compliant Symbol

Berry Compliant

Our Tactical line is knit with fibers wholly grown, processed, and produced in the USA to meet Berry Amendment compliance. 
They’re the first – and best – choice for government and military use.

Choose by Weight

Lightweight Socks

The best military socks for hot weather – period. Light, versatile, and breathable, our Lightweight Tactical socks are heavy on performance but soft on your feet for sweltering days in the desert or humid days in the jungle.

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Midweight Socks

Tried and true for temperate weather, you’ll find our Midweight socks offer confidence year-round. For strenuous days in combat boots, police boots, and other duty boots, these foot-hugging Tactical socks are first on foot for a reason.

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Heavyweight Socks

Knit to withstand the intense cold, our Heavyweight socks keep your feet warm in extreme conditions. Built for frigid days, these socks go the extra mile to protect your feet against the most punishing and severe weather.

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The T4021 Safe to Fly wool socks hanging over a metal bar

Safe to Fly

Certain styles – including our T4021, T4033 and T4050 tactical socks – have received Safe to Fly Product Certification from the United States Air Force (USAF). 
This three-year certification confirms these socks meet 
all Flame Resistant (FR) and No Melt No Drip (NMND) requirements identified by the USAF. For firefighters and 
air force personnel, that means they can be worn as under-layers, or next-to-skin, beneath approved Flame-Resistant Combat and Utility Uniforms.

Tactical Fiber

The magic of Merino Wool is that it’s naturally durable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant – aka better for your foot health. It’s nature’s most befitting gift for military personnel, plus it lasts forever – at least what we knit does. It’s flame-resistant, temperature regulating, and available in approved military-spec colors, including OCP sock colors. It’s a tactical fabric as tough as your drill sergeant, and that’s saying something.

Person putting on running sneakers over ankle height tactical socks in black
Pair of feet wearing darn tough tactical socks in ocp colors while standing on Darn Tough rug

Most Durable on Earth

Our socks are battle-tested in the rugged foothills of Vermont’s Green Mountains, so you know they’re built to last. True to their name, Darn Tough knits a longer lasting sock offering unrivaled durability in duty boots, including combat boots and firefighter boots. They’ll keep going as long as you do, and then some. Plus, they’re backed by our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. So, if they ever rip, tear, or lose their fit, we’ll replace them.

Fit That Lasts Forever

The best-fitting sock is one that keeps your feet active and engaged all year long. Darn Tough Tactical socks fit no matter the environment and naturally help maintain your first line of defense – your foot health. No matter where you’re stationed, our socks offer a performance fit that lasts forever. And because they fit so well, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Person seated on bench pulling on socks for military boots with a performance fit

Choose by Height

Closeup look at a no show tactical sock, a great PT sock, in black

No Show Socks

The best tactical ankle socks for physical training (PT). Virtually undetectable, our low-profile No Shows help you stay under the radar.

Quarter sock height tactical sock in black, with a cuff just covering the top of the ankle

Quarter Socks

No half measures. No logos. Just military-grade, Merino Wool Quarter height socks offering full ankle bone coverage.

Micro Crew tactical sock in desert tan, great for 6 in boots

Micro Crew Socks

If you’re in law enforcement, the Micro Crew makes a worthy partner. They’re the best socks to wear with a lower profile six-inch duty boot.

Boot height military and tactical sock in regulation green

Boot Socks

For military boot socks that fit 10-inch boots, our Boot height is the gold standard. They won’t pull rank, but they’ll stay pulled up and ready for when you need them.

Darn Tough's mid-calf "jungle sock" in black

Mid-Calf Socks

Also known as the Jungle Sock, our Mid-Calf height makes bushwhacking in army boots bearable. And because it’s necessary.

Knee High tactical sock for tall boots in regulation brown

Over-the-Calf Socks

Over-the-Calf and beyond the call of duty is where this sock lands. Proving that confidence coincides with comfort, and vice versa.

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