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The “still” in the Still Made in Vermont, USA is a personal thing. We’ve been running the Mill for over 40 years, but Darn Tough Vermont – the sock unconditionally guaranteed for life – started in 2004.

When things were a little rough for American manufacturing, the Cabot family could have taken manufacturing somewhere else, and still made a buck. They didn’t. Instead, we rallied and started knitting the best, most durable sock we could imagine. We made something we could be proud of. We’re still doing that.

Sock Capital of the World

We didn’t make Northfield, Vermont. Northfield made us.

A lot of us call this town our home. It’s beautiful here. But the living’s not always easy – it’s a bit out of the way, seems to get colder than normal, and the cell service is questionable at best.

It’s why this community knits what people consider the best sock they’ve ever worn. Singular focus, in a gorgeous, but tough environment. Quality over quantity – this town has earned it.

"Nobody ever outsourced anything for quality."

— Ric Cabot, President & CEO

Master technician Adnan fixing a knitting machine at our mill in Northfield Vermont
darn tough socks coming down a belt at our mill in America
Woman in Vermont packaging darn tough socks


Owning our process feels good, and it puts our destiny in our hands. Unconditionally guaranteeing a sock for life requires a level of diligence we cannot surrender. Our socks are more durable than they were before. They will be more durable than they are now. We have yet to produce our best sock.

Sara from our warranty department sitting at her desk in Northfield, Vermont, USA

One Family

Sara P. — Warranty

Think about this: Outside of a particular time of year, our warranty process is handled by a single person. If you sent something back, Sara received it, looked at it, read your note if you sent one, and documented its return. Washing them before they come back is OK, she says.

Darn Tough employee Jamie holding his favorite sock, the 1466 hiker

Staff Picks

Jamie Doyon — Hiker Micro Crew

Our Mill is on Whetstone Drive in Northfield, which you hang a right onto from Doyon Drive. If that family tree isn’t enough to flex on, with Jamie's 8 years at DTV he could probably roll in on a Sunday and get a few dozen pairs out from start to finish. If his wife Ashley comes 
(she also works here), go ahead and double that. Their 12-year-old son isn’t old enough yet. But in the line 14 years, the Hiker Micro Crew – the 1466 – is good to go.

Darn Tough employee Jamie holding his favorite sock, the 1466 hiker
Person wearing darn tough socks made in usa with stripes on them

Take a quiz, find your sock.

Let us help you find the best sock for you. The Sock Finder is a few simple questions that narrow down some ideal choices. It's quick, easy, and dare we say mildly entertaining.

Darn Tough store finder lets you shop local


As much as we appreciate your business direct, the stores that carry our socks are part of the family. Many of them took a chance on us when we needed their support, and if you know a Vermonter, you know we never forget when you pulled our car out of the ditch, so-to-speak. Please, give us a zip code, and we can point you to local shops carrying our socks.

Darn Tough store finder lets you shop local