Lifestyle photo of men's letterman and women's letterman crew socks

Crew Socks

A sock-drawer staple, Crew socks are one of those must-haves. Classic white tube sock? That’s a crew height. And we’ve taken this height way beyond basic solid socks (though we do have those, too), with everything from thick stripes to thin stripes, animal socks to florals, and a few you might call… abstract.

Sitting right below the calf muscle, our crew socks provide the right amount of leg coverage, making them great socks for everyday wear, formal occasions, and business casual. Add some plush cushion, and you’ll find they feel just as good at-home, too. Alternatively, you’ve likely seen this height at the gym, as it’s a favorite of athletes. It’s hard to go wrong with this classic.

We knit these with Merino Wool, for the best on-foot experience. Is Merino Wool soft? You bet. Breathable and moisture wicking? Check that too. 

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