Women's No Show Socks

Women’s no show socks made with Merino Wool, including ankle socks for booties and sneakers, hidden socks for low-tops, and invisible socks for flats.

The perfect minimalist socks for sneakers, the No Show and No Show Tab heights sit right below the ankle with a low profile cuff and arch support. The latter adds a heel tab for extra protection against chaffing and blisters. In these socks, your whole foot is (secretly) wrapped in the all-day comfort and breathability of Merino Wool. Pro tip: we tweak the cuff of these heights based on whether it’s a run and athletic, hike, or everyday sock so the cuff pairs perfectly with your shoe, whether that be a running sneaker or cute ankle boot.

We also our knit our no show socks for women in Hidden and Invisible heights (low and ultra-low profile, respectively). Reach for these socks to pair with dress flats, loafers, clogs, or other low-cut shoes. You can trust they’ll stay out of sight and in place (with a little help from a silicone-free grip strip). Because the last thing you need is a sock wedgie.

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