Seeing Stars: 100K Five Star Reviews

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Darn Tough has been knitting the world’s best socks since 2004. Every conversation and connection we have made with our customers since that day means the world to us.

We recently hit 100,000 5-star reviews on our website. We wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all our customers who have taken the time to share their Darn Tough love with the world. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the unwavering support from our fans, and hearing from you directly truly warms our hearts, all 450(ish and growing) of them.

Our Favorite Reviews (Some of Them Anyway)

Our front-line customer service team curated some of our favorite customer reviews to share for the occasion. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

+10 to morale

Are they expensive as eff? Yes. Are they amazing? Yes. Will I buy any other sock ever again? No. Buy once cry once. These socks add +10 to morale and when combine with Salomon boots, it’s an additional +10 to agility. Airborne approved. Get some. Full send.

— Laci H.

Great Gift for an Avid Hiker

I purchased these socks for my mom and throughout our hike she said, “My feet have NEVER felt this good… WOW, I don’t think I can wear any other types of socks now… These socks are AMAZING… I didn’t know socks could feel this nice… I love em! Thank you for these socks!” A simple, yet perfect gift.

— Megan G.

Review reading "amazingly comfortable and brilliant customer service"

Outstanding Product

I started wearing the Darn Tough 4021 socks in uniform and just recently made the investment into these bad boys for my day to day wear as a crane mechanic. My feet have never been happier!

I actually bought my wife a pair to convince her of the benefits these wonderful socks offer. She was immediately sold and had no argument whatsoever about my sock purchase (just a tip for those who’s wives may not agree with such an expensive sock purchase!).

— Joshua S.

Life Changing Experience

The hype is true. These socks save lives. My feet stay dry while sweating. The cushion is fantastic and feels better than the shoe cushion. I've worn these in Kuwait and have begun switching my whole sock collection to Darn Tough. Being on my feet all day is manageable again. The miracle is real folks.

— John W.

The Best Socks for Firefighting

I fought wildland fire in these socks all summer last year and NOTHING CAN COMPARE. Every single one of my coworkers got horrible blisters from their boots but these socks totally saved me. Even though it was extremely hot in my work environment, these were able to keep my feet cool and protected, despite advertising for cool weather.

If you need socks for professional use, I can not recommend these enough. In fact, they are so comfortable I now wear them with my nice boots when I go out on the off season. 11/10.

— Dagny

Used to Burn Through Socks

I am an artist; I work on a cement floor through the winter. I used to burn through socks. Your socks outlast any by years and your guarantee has saved me lots of money. In a world filled with disposable, cheap goods, you are appreciated.

— Mark K.

Five Star Review reading "best damn socks to use!"

Addicted and Happy

Dear Mr. Tough.... it's a new year, and I have new goals. I've had sore feet for a long time. I've worn sox that bunch under my toes and seams that drive me insane. Add to that a bunion that I've had to put moleskin on every time I play pickleball or go for a walk. Your socks have saved me, and I'm investing in a pair every time I can afford a pair.

Yup, I'm retired and living on a fixed income. But I deserve to be comfortable, and your socks give me that. It makes me feel really good to put a sock on that is made in the USA. Thank you for all the wild colors and themes. They make me smile. Just wanted to tell you I'm thrilled and addicted. Thanks again.

– Janet C.

The Sum of All the Little Things

My husband is a harbor pilot and out in all kinds of weather. He refuses to go to work without these socks! He is on his feet for hours at a time and really feels better in his Darn Toughs. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It truly is the sum of all the little things that make up the bulk of our lives.

— Christina F.

Love These Socks

I have had this style for awhile and love them. Thick, warm, but not excessively hot for Missouri summers while being great for the rest of the year. I hike once or twice a year but work 8-12 hours a day, train in the gym and do all the extra activities you could think of that small children bring and these socks keep up. My feet and shoes used to smell after a whole day or wearing boots and working outside. Had athletes foot once a year it seemed like. Not anymore though.

My quality of life has literally gone up because of these socks. I had a good friend who has hiked the big trails introduce me to these and I’ll never go back. Anytime someone asks me about them I rave about them. I don’t typically like being barefoot so having socks that don’t get holes in the bottom is huge for me. Love these socks. Love this company.

— Max B.

5 star review reading "this is the perfect weight for hiking"

Full Cushion Boot Sock

They are the best socks on earth. They significantly improve the quality of my life. I am happier. Darn Tough makes the world a better place.

— Jason R.

All Year Round

I recommend Darn Tough socks to literally everyone. I have Raynaud's which makes it difficult to keep my feet warm. I wear these socks, and only these socks, all year round. I've had 3 pair for the past 3 years and they are still in great shape. They keep my feet warm, dry, and smelling fresh.

They were honestly a life changing purchase for me. My quality of life has increased tenfold. Thanks Darn Tough for making winter pain free and summer sweat free.

— Kaityln F.

Last but Not Least...

One of our personal favorites isn't on our site... it's this YouTube review. Thanks, Linda!


You all are so creative, and we always love hearing from you, whether it’s a product review, a phone call, an email, or a Facebook message. It means SO much to us that we created an internal channel dedicated to sharing your kind words with every single employee at Darn Tough.

Some folks may see what we do and think, “it’s just socks,” but it means so much more to us because of the positive impact our socks stand to have on the lives of our customers. So long as we can make someone’s day a little more comfortable, we will keep knitting.

Cheers to the next 100k!

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