Left side women's steely boot sock on model and right side men's steely boot sock on model.

Boot Socks

Boot Socks for hiking, nordic skiing, work, and more. These Merino Wool socks provide protection and warmth in boots. 

If you’re wondering what are boot socks or how to wear them, we’ve got some answers (read: opinions) you can check out on our blog. What is Merino Wool and why does it make the best boot socks? You can find answers to those questions, too. If the name didn’t give it away, we knit this sock height to be the best socks for boots – whether that’s duck boots, hunting boots, hiking boots, steel toe boots, or another boot altogether. Expect them to rise just above the top of a 10-inch boot, protecting your leg from chafing, dirt, and debris in footwear 10 inches and under.

Available in lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight styles, these socks all feature cushion to keep feet comfortable all day long. For a thin sock with light cushioning, try our lightweights. The midweight options are versatile and add cushion around the shin as a lace guard, specific socks for work boots have toe protection, while our heavyweight thick boot socks pack in the warmth.

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