close up on model Featuring the Men's Spur boot sock in Hickory

Men's Boot Socks

Men’s Boot Socks for hiking, hunting, work, and more. Darn Tough Merino Wool boot socks rise about 11 inches up the calf, for added protection and warmth in 10-inch boots and lower. 

Moisture wicking and thermoregulating, Merino keeps your feet comfortable, warm, and dry even after a full day in boots. We design our boot socks for men to be activity-specific for the best in-boot experience, from reinforced toes in our Steely work boot socks to breathable vents in our nordic ski socks

All our socks for boots are cushioned to provide padding and increase durability in high-friction areas. For a thin boot sock, navigate towards lightweights and midweights with cushion, and for thicker socks with additional warmth, try our midweights and heavyweights with full cushion.

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