Brand Ambassadors

Three hikers seated on summit taking in view wearing darn tough hiking socks

Who They Are

Darn Tough ambassadors are friends of the brand who share an unwavering commitment to community. We may have met them at a local Vermont 5k, or on the chairlift at Smugg’s, maybe even at the podiatrist’s office. We don’t always know how many followers they have, but what we do know is they would probably talk your ear off about the difference a good pair of socks make.

Friends of the Brand

We are always open to new friends of the brand – athletes, artists, influencers – you get the idea. Great content is great content, it doesn’t always matter to us if you’ve got 1,000 followers or 100k followers. What we absolutely value is integrity. To us that means honest, hard-working people who naturally embody diversity, inclusivity, and individuality. Right now, we are not accepting new applications, but if you tag @darntoughvermont in your photos, who knows where it will lead.

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Skateboarder doing a trick with mountains in the background wearing darn tough socks