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Socks as Mule-shoes: Real Life "Darn It." Stories
We believe in our socks. A lot. So much so that we back them up with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. No matter how hard your socks get put through the wringer, we’ll replace them at the end of their lifecycle. Life is tough. Our socks are tougher.
What Really Happens When You Warranty Your Socks?

We still get people messaging us all the time asking: ‘Is it legit?’ and ‘Can I really send my socks back after 5 years and exchange them for a new pair?’ The short answer is, yes, of course you can. 

The Story Behind Our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
If you’re familiar with Darn Tough, chances are you’ve heard about our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. It’s what ensures our socks are the most comfortable, durable, and best-fitting socks on the planet.
Making the Best Fitting Socks

If our socks aren’t the most comfortable, durable, best fitting socks you’ve ever owned, you can return them for another pair. We hear the most questions and feedback from you about the last piece of that promise – fit. Fit is constantly on our minds, and here's what we’ve learned about how socks should fit and why.

Making the Most Durable Socks

At Darn Tough, we back every sock with our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee: if our socks aren’t the most comfortable, durable, and best fitting socks, you can return them for another pair. Durability sits in the center of that promise. But what makes Darn Tough socks so… tough?

Making the Most Comfortable Socks
Why does comfort matter, what is comfort, and lastly, how do we make Darn Tough socks so comfy that we’re confident in our promise that we knit the most comfortable socks and back it with a lifetime guarantee?
A Lifetime Guarantee Starts with Quality at Every Step

Quality was a founding principle at Darn Tough, and we continue to pursue it to the highest degree at every step of the process. Being fully committed to excellence and high standards is how we can back our socks with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

We’ve Got Mail: Weird, Wild, & Wonderful Customer Packages

It’s rare to get mail these days. Well, rare to get real mail that isn’t coupons for things you don’t want or offers to buy your home. Unless you work in the Darn Tough warranty department―then you’ll get a lot of mail. Mail like this. 

Life's Guaranteed Guarantees
It was ol’ Benny Franks who once said, “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” It’s too bad he didn’t get to live long enough to be introduced to Darn Tough, because this humble sock company has a certainty that would blast his socks off quicker than flying a kite in a thunderstorm—their Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.
How to Guarantee a Sock for Life (Unconditionally)
We get a decent stream of mail and comments asking how can we possibly offer an Unconditionally Lifetime Guarantee on our socks. So, let’s get right into the how and why behind making socks with a lifetime warranty.
Starfish vs Seagull: And Other Wild Warranty Tales
“He ran down to the beach in his Darn Tough socks. He grabbed the starfish, ran out into the water and flung the starfish into the waves... in his mission to save the starfish, he lost a sock in the sea.”