Socks for Hiking & Backpacking

Two hikers on the summit wearing darn tough socks for hikingA rugged mountain ridge line, the kinda place you need the best socks for hiking

Leave No Trail Un-Hiked

Thru-hikers have trusted these socks on the trail for years. Day trekkers and people who just like good socks for hiking can wear them too.

Hike Features

Darn tough 1466 hiking sock with features called out showing why they're the best socks for hiking

A. Hold Tight

Smooth ribbing upper that hangs tough, for...ever. No slouch either, pull them on, they'll take the hard work from here.

B. Cushion

Our cushioned socks have reinforced padding in the heel to lessen your vulnerability and add comfort.

C. Ever More Durable

Durability that reaches 2100 miles on the Appalachian Trail, and then some.

D. True Seamless™ Toe

If we didn't tell you, you wouldn't know. Only way to describe this one, pure bliss.

Choose by Weight

Lightweight Socks

The lightweight yarns in our hiking socks maintain a low profile in modern trail footwear. For socks that are never light on performance when taking on multi-day trips, the Light Hiker series is the pick to keep your feet dry on a hot day.

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Midweight Socks

Additional warmth and protection are the signature characteristics of midweight yarns in a good pair of hiking socks. Keeping you dry and comfortable with every cushioned step, these all-season socks are the classic choice for hikers.

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Heavyweight Socks

With the highest Merino Wool content, heavyweight socks are knit for maximum warmth and protection in cold weather. The Mountaineer offers a full profile for extreme conditions, even if you're tackling them on your couch.

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Choose by Height

Woman wearing no show socks for hiking

No Show Socks

Our lowrider sock. Take a little trip or a multi-day trek. The no show hiking socks get you a little higher even though cut is a little lower.

Woman wearing darn tough quarter crew hiking socks

1/4 Socks

This height hits right above the ankle, making quarter hiking socks the preferred choice for those who are opting for low-cut hiking shoes or trail runners.

Man wearing darn tough micro crew hiking socks

Micro Crew Socks

We blazed new trails with the Micro Crew. For hikers that want a high-quality sock that's not too tall, not too short, but just right. This one is a trail legend.

Man wearing darn tough boot socks, maybe the best backpacking socks

Boot Socks

Shin, ankles, heel, and toe (heel and toe). Sitting near mid-calf, that's where you'll find padding and protection in hiking boot socks.

Hiker with foot up in hiking shoes wearing the CDT darn tough socks for hiking

The Thru-Hike Factor

The Long Trail is our backyard. Knit in Vermont with a lifetime warranty, our socks have the ultimate testing ground and need to hold up to whatever a thru hiker might encounter on the trail. The guy who manages our product line? Yeah, he's a thru-hiker, too (Long Trail, of course, AT, accomplished). The criticism comes from within so we can perfect it when you're wearing it out there.

"As a customer with sweaty feet and a thru hiker doing many miles on a given day, these socks are so comfortable and breathe so well! Thanks Darn Tough for supporting this AT thru hiker." — Eliza B.

Something Like Trail Magic

Wearing Merino Wool hiking socks is like ensuring you'll encounter some sort of trail magic. Merino sheep eat, drink, and breathe wilderness travel. Their secret? Merino Wool. Its crimp and scale patterns offer natural temperature regulation, which helps protect sheep from the elements. It's quick drying ability has also made it an essential for winter and summer hiking socks.

“If you have not tried wool socks, do it now. Cannot remember the last time I wore cotton. Wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cuts down on blisters, and wicks moisture away. Darn Tough is the best sock money can buy.” — Seth D.

Woman hiker pulling on hiking boots over darn tough wool hiking socks
Hiker seated on rock with his dog wearing merino wool hiking socks in gray

Signature Durability

You need to be able to depend on your gear. Knitting our logo into each socks is like a signature that guarantees you're getting the most durable socks. Our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee is just there for authentication purposes. Leave no hiker sockless. We've been known to send thru-hikers new socks on the trail; we may even include a Butterfinger®.

"I bought some Darn Toughs for my 2018 AT thru hike. Those suckers lasted an entire thru hike and then some. I finally had to send them in for warranty during the spring of 2021. I got a pair as a replacement, and I love them!" — Edwin B.

Performance Fit — No Blisters

When you're going higher and higher, your socks shouldn't be slipping lower and lower. Performance fit is nice and snug to eliminate bunching and prevent blisters. Pair that with moisture wicking, naturally anti-microbial Merino Wool, and you're in for a funk-free, blister-free trip to the top — no sock liners needed. And don't be surprised if you step in a stream and aren't left with a soggy sock; you can thank the performance fit for that.

“Best socks for hiking or anywhere! My sister let me borrow a pair. I was so impressed I purchased the same socks and a few more for me and my husband too! I'm hooked on them. I don't have to worry about my feet getting hot, sweats, or blisters” – Mary B.

Hiker going up on a rocky trail in darn tough socks for hiking, the most comfortable hiking socks

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