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How to Wrap Socks
Are you wondering the how to gift wrap socks? Whether they’re going in a stocking or under the Christmas Tree, we have all your gift-wrapping needs covered!
Easy Holiday Homemade Gift Ideas
Not sure what to get that special someone for the holidays? In addition to giving our socks, we’ve gathered some other easy homemade gift ideas that you can make yourself and give to those you love. Gifts that come from the heart reflect the thought and effort you put into them.
A Bit of Holiday Spirit: A Darn Tough Design Story
This holiday season as you peruse Darn Tough’s website, you'll see illustrations of our socks and iconic images of the holiday season arranged with the real life products which inspired them, all coalescing to help tell the story of a company that has warm and fuzzy feelings embedded in the strands of their DNA as much as they do the strands of the socks we knit.
Staff Picks: Celebrating Holiday Traditions
As a family-owned company, we appreciate the things that bring families together. For these staff picks, we asked our employees to pick their favorite tradition and share how they celebrate the holidays — they did not disappoint. These traditions will warm your heart like our socks warm your feet.
Father's Day Livestream Recap
A recap of our Father's Day Livestream with Owen "Van Grizzle" and Chad "The Resident Dad." Check out the different styles, find the perfect gift for dad, and learn some dad jokes to go along with it.
The Sockfather Chronicles: Father’s Day Staff Picks
For this round of Staff Picks, we talked to Darn Tough fathers and their children about which socks are best for Father’s Day. So, without further do, in the words of Dads everywhere… let’s rock ‘n roll.
From Our Moms' Feet to Yours: Mother's Day Staff Picks
For this round of Staff Picks, we talked to Darn Tough moms and their children (who also work at Darn Tough). We asked the kids which sock they’d be most likely to give their mom for Mother’s Day...
Five Star Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (Spoiler: They’re All Socks)

“I bought these as a Valentine’s gift for my wife and she loves them. Flowers last a week. These last a lifetime of kisses every week.” — Christopher O.

Gold star, Christopher. 1000/10. We could not have put it better ourselves.

Poems to Pair with Your Holiday Cookies
Sock Cookies Soft like butter, warm like Merino Wool.
Baked fresh for the Big Guy, his belly nearly full. But the socks he wears, they fit just right. So we made him some cookies, because he flies in tonight. You don’t...
The Salmon Sisters’ Favorite Darn Tough Socks to Give (and Get) as Gifts
The holiday season is coming, and one of our family traditions is to gift good socks to everyone on our list. We've been wearing Darn Tough socks for years now and love them for their warmth and moisture-wicking Merino Wool.
Gifting Under Pressure: Staff Picks to Gift This Holiday
“One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another holiday has come and gone, and I didn’t get a single pair.” Your favorite Professor may be a fictional character from Harry Potter, but his words still resonate with us. Mainly because it’s true… one can never have enough socks.
How to Pair Our Socks with Your Weird Dad

Dads can be the hardest to buy gifts for. We never want anything, or at least can never think of anything we want. But socks. I love socks. I think most dads would. Depending on what your dad is into, or what he’s like, here are some Merino Wool recommendations for this Father’s Day.

5 Movie-Inspired Grand Gestures to Show Mom You Care

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on 90s movies and TV sitcoms. With that in mind, one thing I know to be true is that a grand, over-the-top gesture is a sure-fire way to show your love and appreciation. So, here are five movie-inspired ways to wish your mom, spouse, or partner a happy Mother’s Day this year.

Find Your Valentine's Day Sole-Mate
This Valentine’s Day, instead of swiping and swiping to find your soulmate, let’s spend some time finding your sole-mate. Or, if you’ve already got a soulmate, now’s a great time to hook them up with their future sole-mate.
Off the Cuff Sock Poetry
Imagine the holiday cheer when our recent email sparked some amazing responses from you, including original poems. So, put on a pair of your warmest Merino Wool socks, pour yourself a holiday beverage, and enjoy some of our favorite poem responses written by you.
Socks, the Best Gift for That Person Who's Impossible to Shop for

What do you buy someone(s) who is impossible to shop for? Friends or family members who just don’t care what you get them, they just want some smidge of acknowledgement that you’re thinking about them? Why socks, of course!

T’was the Night of Sock Giving
T’was the night of sock giving, a drink was secured,
With laptop full charge, and the armchair reserved;
There were names on a list, but no presents to match,
So off to Darn Tough with an itch they could scratch.
What We Give - Staff Gift Picks
The idea here is pretty simple - when you have all the socks we knit within your grasp, and are looking for a gift, what you choose is likely founded in some clear, comfortable, fitting, local experience you'll guarantee offers a lifetime of joy. 
Mother Knows Best: Socks Gifts for Mom

Not sure it matters if she's your Mom or not, because nearly every woman you know likely appreciates comfortable feet, due to the most comfortable socks. So check out these out sock gift ideas for mom (we even shared our favorite colors):

Dad's Weekend Starter Pack - Sock Gift Ideas
We put a list together of a couple go-to sock gift ideas if you, or someone you know, could use a fresh step. They're great for dad, but these socks are popular with just about everyone, so don't limit yourself.