The Sockfather Chronicles: Father’s Day Staff Picks

Two sons and their dad at Darn Tough mill, showing Father's Day gift ideas

Here’s one: Why do fathers take an extra pair of socks when they go golfing?

In case they get a hole in one!

But let’s be real… that would never happen. Not only do our socks stay fresh through 18 holes, but they don’t rip. Or tear. They could, but it’s unlikely. And if they do, they’re Guaranteed for Life. So, if your Dad is packing more than one pair, he’s probably not wearing Merino. Tell him good luck getting an ace in those.

For this round of Staff Picks, we talked to Darn Tough fathers and their children about which socks are best for Father’s Day. So, without further do, in the words of Dads everywhere… let’s rock ‘n roll.

Thomas & Chyanne B.

Thomas and his daughter showing off their dad gift ideas

Dad’s Pick: Number 2 Micro Crew

Daughter’s Pick: Captain Stripe Micro Crew

Thomas is a Finishing whiz. Washing, drying, boarding… you name it, he’s done it. But that doesn’t stop him from learning. A 1st shift Boarder, Thomas loves coming to work because of the people. “And because I get to see my daughter, Chyanne.” For Father’s Day, Thomas picked the Number 2 because of its color and, well, because it’s funny.

Chyanne enjoys hiking, farming, and fishing with her father. And doesn’t mind working with him either. “The people here are like family. Only mine is actually here.” A 1st shift Boarder, Chyanne’s thankful to share the floor with her Dad. She picked the Captain Stripe because, come July, her Dad could use a pair to match with his “favorite New Balance sneakers.” Oof.

James & Damon C.

James and Damon holding up the socks they'd give for Father's Day

Dad’s Pick: Nomad Boot Hiking Sock

Son’s Pick: Spey Fly Lightweight Crew

James is one of our Custodians. So, good luck finding any dirt on this guy. A former landscaper, James takes pride in the aesthetic of the finer details – like a freshly edged sidewalk. But most days, he’s just happy to be doing something he loves. Holding back tears, James told us how proud he is of his son, Damon. For Father’s Day, he picked our Nomad Boot Sock for the cushion and comfort.

Damon works in Nantanna as 1st shift Boarding/Finishing Production Specialist. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and now that’s he’s 21, cracking a cold one with his pops. “It’s great working for a local company and an American-made brand that makes such a great product.” Damon picked the Spey Fly Crew sock for his Dad because they like to fish together, and because, well, he’d give anything to see him cry again.

Geoff, Mike, & Joe D.

Two sons teasing their dad they'd give him a pink child's socks

Dad’s Pick: Animal Haus Crew

Mike’s Pick: Pelican Crew

Joe’s Pick: Kids Magic Mountain

Geoff is our Technical Training Manager. He moved his family from the UK to Northfield in 2014. And they never left. For Father’s Day, he chose the Men’s Animal Haus because it’s lightweight and stylish. Outside of work, Geoff enjoys gardening, watching football (the real kind), and spending time with his wife. “I’m incredibly proud of my boys. They’ve taught me so much, even though I taught them everything.”

Mike – aka Big Mike – is hard to miss. He’s tall and nearly British. Ask Mike’s peers and they’d say his personality is big, but his heart bigger. A 1st shift Knitting Line Supervisor, Mike is admired for his ability to coach up and rally his employees. The sock he chose reminds him of birdwatching with his Dad… “having beer on the balcony, watching the pelicans fly over the surf. Those are the times I remember.”

Joe, pictured left, is our Knitting Training Coordinator at the Mill. Family is super important, he tells us, and the three of them do a good job holding each other to the highest respect at work. He picked the Unicorn sock for his Dad because it’s his daughter’s favorite, and because he knew it would make him chuckle. “My daughter, Sky, will be happy, too, once she sees him wearing it.”

John & Sydney L.

John and Syndey holding their Father's Day gift ideas up at the Mill

Dad’s Pick: ABC Midweight Boot Sock

Daughter’s Pick: VanGrizzle Boot Sock

John served 28 years in the Army and now heads up our HR Department. He’s the type of guy who wakes up at 5 AM just to rub it in the sunrise’s face. For Father’s Day, he chose the ABC Boot sock because it’s “comfy and goes with everything.” Otherwise, John does typical Dad things like build houses with his bare hands. And in the winter, he and his daughter, Sydney, ride snowmobiles together.

Sydney is our HR & Payroll Specialist. She and John keep family and work separate but enjoy crossing paths in the office. “No matter what, I know he’s always got my back.” And he always will. Sydney enjoys reading and hammocking with her two pups, Manny and Scottie. She chose the VanGrizzle Boot sock because it reminds Sydney of her family’s lake house (which John built). “We’re a tight-knit family… everybody here is.”

Jay & Lucas W.

Jay and Lucas smiling while showing off socks for dad

Dad’s Pick: Coolmax Hiker

Son’s Pick: Micro Crew Mountaineering

Jay, pictured left, is a 3rd shift Technician at our Waterbury Mill. He tells us working on the knitting floor is like trying to solve a giant Rubik’s Cube. “If something breaks, I’m quick to start hunting for a solution.” Jay picked the Coolmax Hiker as the sock he’d want for Father’s Day because it’s comfy and has sentimental value. “They’re my lucky fishing socks – I always catch large bass in these.”

Lucas, the good son that he is, knows that. So, he picked his Dad’s second favorite sock, the Mountaineering Micro Crew. A production specialist on 1st shift, Lucas – like his father – enjoys the problem-solving aspects of his work. “We share a love for puzzles, and our work reflects that.” Off the clock you can find Lucas fiddling with his 3D printer, making custom guitar picks for his rockstar Dad.

Bruce H. & Madison M.

Bruce and Madison holding up sock gift ideas at the Mill

Dad’s Pick: Hiker Micro Crew

Daughter’s Pick: Haze Lightweight Crew

Bruce moved to Vermont for one reason. “Love. That’s why I’m here.” A father of five, Bruce met his now wife and relocated to Waterbury, only to discover that working at Darn Tough was his passion. And the fact that he helped his daughter get a job here “means the world.” Bruce chose the cult classic Hiker Micro Crew. But really, all Bruce wants for Father’s Day is all five of his kids at home with him.

Madison is a 2nd shift Machine Operator who enjoys drawing and playing with her four younger siblings. Most shifts Madison drives home to have dinner with her family, “because they’re my everything.” Especially her dad, who Madison is super tight with. For Father’s Day, she chose our most herbaceous sock, the Haze Lightweight Crew. Even without the cush, this sock is pure comfort. And Madison knows it’s enough to light up her Dad’s face with a smile.

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