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Socks as Mule-shoes: Real Life "Darn It." Stories
We believe in our socks. A lot. So much so that we back them up with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. No matter how hard your socks get put through the wringer, we’ll replace them at the end of their lifecycle. Life is tough. Our socks are tougher.
Which Animal Socks Match Your Personality?

We put together a list in no particular order to help you find animal socks that align with your personality. Whether you’re the type of person who likes farm animals, owl socks, or bear socks, there is a sock on this list for you.

Marriage Advice from a Pair of Darn Tough Socks

Nancy from Texas reached out with the wedding toast she wrote for her son and now daughter-in-law. Turns out, her son won the first race he ever ran in Darn Tough socks. And her wedding present to the newlyweds? You guessed it.

2023: A Year in Review
Together, we did so much good this year. From providing relief to flood victims to feeding hungry families in Vermont, this is how we gave back in 2023. Our values are at the core of everything we do and every decision we make. And I’m proud to say that in 2023 we leaned in even harder.
Socks, Hockey, & Celebrating Life
Learn what it means to celebrate life the way Christian does. Christian is a incredible young individual happily living life due to his belief that you are defined by your actions and behavior, not your diagnosis. Read more about what the Darn Tough Sock Toss means to Christian.
What Your Socks Say About You
A picture’s worth a thousand words. Pretty sure your socks are worth double that. We all make choices in life, and maybe we’re biased, but we think your sock choices speak volumes.
Arming Our Forces with Merino Wool Socks

Moisture-wicking, durable, breathable, and thermoregulating, Darn Tough Tactical socks are first on foot for a reason and always your first line of defense. They help prevent blisters, thwart hotspots, and are the first – and best – choice for military and government personnel.

The Life-Altering Magic of Changing Your Socks
I remember reading someone’s story about camping with a friend, and how they kept rolling over in their sleeping bag, unable to get to sleep. The friend, a grizzled veteran, woke up and muttered, “Change your socks.” The writer did just that, putting on a dry pair of socks, and fell asleep soon after.
Seeing Stars: 100K Five Star Reviews
We recently hit 100,000 5-star reviews on our website. We wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all our customers who have taken the time to share their Darn Tough love with the world. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the unwavering support from our fans.
Your Feedback, Our Knits: Say Hello to More Bright Socks
We love reading reviews and have noticed the large amount asking for more bright socks. Even though our best-selling socks are consistently gray or black socks, we take customer feedback to heart. So, we made a ton of bright colored socks, and we decided to highlight a few of our favorite reviews and respond directly.
Tried & True: Black Socks & You

Do your black socks reflect your personality? Should they? Are you brooding, mysterious, and a bit of a rebel? Or do you just think socks should remain the plain and simple workhorses you need them to be? Either way, black sock-lovers, we’re here for you.

Thru Hiking the Florida National Scenic Trail

As of right now (February 10, 2023), I’m at mile 866 out of 1,287 miles of the Florida Trail. The trail starts in Big Cypress or “the swamp” (as most hikers refer to it), a 30 mile stretch through thigh deep mud and water, often labeled the “toughest stretch of hiking in the United States."

Warm Socks, Hot Takes: Rapid Reactions to Random Topics
Opinions are like armpits — everybody’s got one and it probably doesn’t need to be seen, smelled, or heard. But there is something to a knee-jerk reaction that is both visceral and taps into our subconscious that really gets to the truth of the matter.
Long-Lasting Songs, Longer-Lasting Socks: Darn Tough’s Winter Playlist
Some songs have a way of transporting you back in time to a memory you hadn’t thought of in years. Some songs bring up deep emotions and others get you so jacked up you want to run through a wall. A good pair of socks is the same way.
Second Opinions Regarding Our Number 2 Sock
Our opinion doesn’t mean much without the backing of our dedicated customers who put socks like the Number 2 Hiking Sock through its paces. So, let’s take some time to acknowledge some of our favorite second opinions, written by some of our favorite happy customers.
To Bear Town, With Love, From You
Instead of us telling you all the reasons we think Bear Town is the softest, comfiest, most adorable hiker on the trail, we’ll let you do the talking. Nothing a parent loves more than hearing from others what they already knew to begin with.
7 for 2022: Sock-Centric Resolutions for the New Year

Somehow 2021 seemed to fly by while simultaneously feeling like 2020 never ended. It’s important to keep the glass half-full by finding joy wherever you can. Whether that’s getting outside more, finishing that stack of books or investing in some new Merino Wool socks, now is the perfect time to set some resolutions for 2022.

Can I Borrow Some Socks?
And a little part of me will always hesitate when I walk through the front door and kick off my shoes. I grew up in a shoes-on household in the U.S., where the status of your shoes was never a point of discussion.
The Social Circle of Socks
When pandemic culture tore us apart from our basic friendships, my headspace got pretty lonely – not unlike a lost puppy; not unlike an orphaned sock.
5 Weird Sock Questions, Answered
If you have ever wondered about some of the weird questions we have fielded from customers here in the sock biz, we’ve got you covered!
Bring the HEAT on Zoom
Take your Zoom backgrounds to the next level. Really resonate with the target audience. Show everyone in your life what it means to be Darn Tough with a custom virtual background and that you too, can be a silly goose.