Ankle Socks

Our Women’s and Men’s ankle socks come in a range of styles, letting you choose how much of your ankle shows.

From shortest to tallest, we have our standard No Show socks, which are perfect for getting the benefits of Merino Wool with a no-sock look. If you’re looking an extra secure fit at the mid ankle length, check out the No Show Tab socks. These add tabs to the classic no show height for extra security and protection (our pick for running socks). Our preferred hiking ankle sock height is the Quarter Sock, which just covers the ankle. Finally, our tallest Merino Wool ankle socks for women are the Shorty, which are the perfect height for short boots.

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Ankle socks are short socks that cover your foot up to (and sometimes just over) your ankle. These socks range from No Show Socks, which sit just below the ankle (invisible in your shoes), to Quarter and Shorty Socks, which rise just above the ankle.

Two of our favorite ways to fold ankle socks: 1) Stack one sock on top of the other and fold them over. 2) Position one sock over the other then roll them up tightly. For more information on different sock folds, check out our blog post on the topic.

Ankle socks are a great choice to wear with shorter footwear. For example, our ankle running socks are great with running sneakers, as they have tabs to prevent slippage. Our lifestyle no show socks are thin ankle socks made to give you the benefits of Merino Wool with a no-sock look in low-rise shoes

The quarter height is the tallest of what we’d consider ankle socks. Our Quarter Socks are the popular socks for hiking and with short boots. These ankle socks are the perfect height to keep the outside out, stay cool, avoid tan lines up to your calves, and look good while doing so.

Yes — our most popular running sock is our No Show Tab Running Sock. These ankle socks were made for running miles, and they come in both padded and no cushion options. The tab helps keep your socks in place and prevent rubbing.