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The thing is, wool-yielding sheep have been ripping around mountains for 10,000 years and they’re straight covered in the stuff. Why? How? Evolution of one of the most impressive naturally-developed fibers the world has ever seen. The Merino Wool in our socks is literally produced outside, but even sheep go in barns once in a while. That’s why when you’re looking for quality socks you start with Darn Tough Vermont. With a lifetime guarantee, you also finish with Darn Tough Vermont.

As your body heats, Merino Wool absorbs moisture before it turns into sweat on your skin, and releases it, leaving you dry.


There is a natural crimp in wool fiber that provides pockets of insulation—holding and releasing heat dependent on what the body is doing.

Odor resistance is unique to wool. The chemical structure stops sweat and bacteria build-up. So go ahead and take a whiff.



We want you to feel good about buying your socks from us: good about the way they feel, good about the way they perform, and we trust, good about supporting a Vermont-made, American brand, including the raw materials used to make them.

We believe Merino Wool is one of the best materials for manufacturing our Darn Tough Vermont socks, and to that end, we source only the finest merino wool available.

We source our Merino Wool from America and around the globe and we hold our material suppliers to the same high standards and values as we do ourselves. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that Darn Tough Vermont receives only sustainably sourced Merino Wool from sheep that are not exposed to the practice of mulesing.


In addition, we support the development of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), an emerging international standard that protects animal welfare, provides assurances that farmers follow sustainable land management practices, and ensures traceability throughout our entire supply chain. We’ve begun shifting our material base to RWS-certified Merino Wool and we’re committed to adopting RWS for 100% of our Merino Wool as soon as supply becomes available.

We’re proud of the socks we make at Darn Tough Vermont. We’re proud of where and how we do it, and hopefully you’ll agree, that’s something to feel good about.