Your Feedback, Our Knits: Say Hello to More Bright Socks

Feet on a sunny day wearing bright socks, in vibrant blue and salmon with a pelican pattern

For as often as we hear how people love our socks (thank you!), we constantly have customers requesting more bright options. We get it. You all love to match your colorful personality to our socks. You like to show a little pop of color to those who’ll notice. Or maybe your entire outfit is loud, proud, and bold — like yourselves.

We also love reading reviews and have noticed the large amount of reviewers asking for more bright socks. Even though our best-selling socks are consistently gray or black socks, we take customer feedback to heart. So, we made a ton of bright colored socks, and we decided to highlight a few of our favorite reviews and respond directly.

Not in Kansas Anymore

Person seated on bench, feet wearing bright purple hiking socks

Colorful Comfort

I am stepping out with these bright and cheery socks. My feet say thank you for releasing us from black! And of course they are as comfortable as all Darn Tough are. They are all I have in my sock drawer! — Dorothy H.

Hey Dorothy! So happy to hear you’ve been released and entered a world of color. We can only imagine smells smell better, tastes taste better, and you now see the world with an added fourth dimension. It’s a real awakening if you ask us.

Runner on the Roof

Running putting on sneakers over vibrant lime green socks

The Best Socks Out There

I love these socks for trail running, roofing, events, and many other functions. I'm just always looking for more funky bright colors, but the socks rock! — Arnold K.

Arnold, we were reading your review and gotta say, really got thrown with the transition from running to roofing. We guess that says a lot about the versatility of our socks — which we love to hear — but it also says a lot about your own versatility. Plus, we love the idea of a roofer wearing brightly colored Darn Tough socks. More power to you.

Mission Possible

Four people seated around room, all wearing limited edition socks in bright colors like purple, green, and blue

Love the Socks. Can You Make More Vibrant Colors?

I love your socks. I'm trying to acquire enough to only wear Darn Toughs. Can you make some more designs with brighter colors? Thanks. — William G.

Hey William, you’ll be happy to know we now have SO MANY brighter socks. Your quest to acquire enough to only wear Darn Tough socks is a noble one and one we can respect. There was a time when this journey was fraught with danger, one misstep could have easily resulted in bland, boring socks. But fortunately, now, this quest is a simple one with a very fulfilling end goal. We wish you luck.

Wool, It's for the Kids

Four pairs of small feet wearing pink and green darn tough socks for kids

Darn Tough Makes Truly the Best Socks Ever!

I have been buying Darn Tough brand for the grandchildren and children every year, and they would be very upset if they did not get them — we went through several other brand that were nice but wore out fast... The guarantee has been used a few times as we wear them to the exclusion of all other brands even in the summer. As a sheep farmer, wool's my passion, and Darn Tough is my company of choice... Thank you to all your teams that take their work seriously... would love some bright colors too!! — Sandra R.

Hi Sandra. As fellow sheep and wool aficionados, we admire how you’ve been supplying your children and grandchildren every year with our socks. Sounds like a stand-up move and a good way to get them on a lifelong wool track.

One more thing, we may take our work seriously, but that’s basically where it stops, and we start having fun.

By Any Means Necessary

A couple seats on stairs putting on bright yellow and light pink socks

Love the Colors

Love these pairs... I wish there were more bright colors in male socks... so I ordered women's just bigger. — Timothy G.

Hey Timothy. While we can appreciate your resourcefulness of finding brightly colored socks that you love, you’ll be pleased to know we now have a prrettttyyy great selection of bright men’s socks. But at the same time, if you’re loving the fit of our women’s socks, go for it. There are plenty of people around here who do the same, because it’s all about what you love.

Time Trials

Pair of feet resting on bench wearing running socks in bright blue and orange

Love the Socks, Would Like Brighter Colors

I have pretty wide and thick feet, so it takes me a couple minutes to get these on. Other than that I love them. — William G.

William. We need to talk about your dedication to comfortable socks. This is impressive. We really respect the amount of time you spend putting on our socks, but please reach out because we would love to find a way to help you cut that time down substantially.

Although we do know our socks tend to take a bit effort to put on due to their performance fit, we feel the lack of blisters is worth the extra time.

The Best Characters

Sometimes it seems like leaving reviews or feedback on the internet is like shouting into an empty void. It’s understandable. There are a lot of reviews out there. And how many of those are from real people? Fortunately, we can say our reviews are by humans, for humans. Because you all are characters, in the best way possible.

Two people seated on couch with sock-clad feet in the air while another person vacuums

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after all our years in the sock game, it’s that our customers know what’s up. If they love colorful socks, we listen to them. And if they stick to black or grey – we listen to them, too.

We’re pleased to introduce a bunch of limited edition, super bright socks (among other bright socks) available now and coming soon to the Darn Tough lineup. Thanks again. We can’t wait to see what you’ll encourage us to make next.