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Want to make sure you're buying from a legit seller on Amazon? We've got you covered; the following are the only sellers authorized by Darn Tough Vermont to sell on Amazon:

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How to Spot a Fake

We are in the process of rolling out new packaging across our line. There is a chance that the packaging you receive will look slightly different than what you saw online. Rest assured you will receive what you ordered.

It’s unfortunate, but Darn Tough has found some counterfeit product in the market. While some of our customers noticed a difference in comfort and fit right off the bat, some specifics have been identified to help. We work hard to provide you with the best socks you can find, and want to ensure you can spot a fake.

Here are a few helpful ways you can determine if the sock you’ve received is questionable. As always, the best protection is to only buy from Darn Tough Authorized Retailers, our Amazon sellers or on this site.


Right off the bat, legit Darn Tough Sock packaging uses stickers for both the sizing (front: top right) and style/content callouts (back: bottom right). Some counterfeits have used labels for sizing, but never both. Fake ones print the information on the packaging. A Darn Tough style/content sticker also has a barcode. Fake ones don’t seem to do that.

Also, we’re quite proud that our packaging does not have typos or misspellings –  counterfeit product we’ve encountered has some issues. Over the years, we’ve mastered the spelling of “socks” and “mountains.”

Examples of actual Darn Tough packaging with sticker labels vs. counterfeit packaging with printed size labels
Examples of typos on counterfeit packaging
Another typo from packaging that is not real Darn Tough


If you look closely at the “Darn Tough” name knit into the toe of every sock, there is a small ® mark just off the “h.” It’s there. For some reason, the majority of counterfeit socks found do not include this.

Next-level sock enthusiasts may enjoy this one. When a legit Darn Tough Sock and a counterfeit are turned inside out, the DTV Sock will not have “tails” between the Mountain Logo knit into several styles. We trim those. They serve no purpose and provide no level of comfort. In fact, if the inside of the sock looks like a bad case of bed head with yarn going every which way, it is likely not the real deal. We keep it tight.

Arrows showing how this fake socks is missing the registered trademark symbol
Arrows pointing out the registered trademark symbol on legit Darn Tough socks
A comparison of the inside of the mountain logo on a legit Darn Tough sock vs an imposter
An example of a Darn Tough sock with no long yarn tails vs. the long, messy tails on a fake sock

If you believe you received a sock that meets these characteristics, please reach out to us at with a subject of 'ATTN: Fakes' and the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Where you purchased your socks
  • Seller name
  • Order number
  • Why you believe they may be counterfeit
  • At least 3 images of the socks from different angles