The Alternate Stitch

Limited Edition by Limiting Waste: The Overstock Project
This spring, we started knitting socks using yarn we had excess stock of, yarn that had no future to become a sock if we didn’t seek out a solution. Knitting socks with overstock yarns helps us out in two ways.
Space Dye Is Here to Send Your Style into Orbit
We’ve brought Space Dye to the finest-micron Merino Wool. The result? Totally unique socks that have moisture management, durability, and temperature regulation on lock.
5 Movie-Inspired Grand Gestures to Show Mom You Care

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on 90s movies and TV sitcoms. With that in mind, one thing I know to be true is that a grand, over-the-top gesture is a sure-fire way to show your love and appreciation. So, here are five movie-inspired ways to wish your mom, spouse, or partner a happy Mother’s Day this year.

40 Days, One Pair of Socks

Why not wear a pair of socks for 40 days straight? Our owner, Ric Cabot, is known to test new sock styles for 30-straight days, so the bar exists. It’s a statement of the greatness of Merino Wool, and our superior knit – a statement we have truly tested. 40 days, no washing.

A Darn Tough Menagerie: The Folktale Behind Our Animal Socks
Once upon a time, long ago, all the animals of the world were visited by a nomadic hedgehog who had a knack for good storytelling. It was his mission to go around telling all the creatures of the world about a magical place he had visited on his travels.
Sending Socks, Sending Hope: Wisdom House
If you work at Darn Tough, you’re family. And we’re privileged to be part of this family, full of good people, people who care, who are passionate to make a difference. Recently, we had the honor of a family member...
To Be Prepared: An Ultrarunner's Journey with Darn Tough

There are so many variables and systems that ultramarathon runners need to consider as they progress to harder challenges. These take years to experiment and perfect. To know that any one of these complicated systems will just go right, every time is an ace in the hole. And my socks are on lock, baby.

What on Earth Is a "Lifestyle" Sock?

Huh. This is a great question. I mean, what exactly IS a lifestyle sock? I’ll be honest, I never really knew what a “Lifestyle” sock was until I started wearing them. All I knew at the time was that they were fun and felt good on my feet. But they are so much more than that!

How to Choose the Right Hiking Socks

What makes Darn Tough hiking socks so good? And, with dozens of styles and designs to choose from, how do you pick the right pair for you? In this post, I’ll guide you through how to choose the best socks for your next hike, whether that’s a quick jaunt to your favorite local spot, or a several-thousand-mile-long trek.

Our Sock Heights: A Complete-ish Guide
We have nine heights here at Darn Tough. Six main ones, with a few in-betweeners. Before you say Nine? Nine! That’s too many! We’ve broken down each height so you understand the benefit of each and how and when you should wear it.
Blauvelt's Banks: 2022 Race Recap
Hosting an event at a ski resort in March means the weather can be anything from 50+ degrees and sunny, or a wintery mix of rain and snow… last weekend, we got the latter at Blauvelt’s Banks slalom.
Second Opinions Regarding Our Number 2 Sock
Our opinion doesn’t mean much without the backing of our dedicated customers who put socks like the Number 2 Hiking Sock through its paces. So, let’s take some time to acknowledge some of our favorite second opinions, written by some of our favorite happy customers.
How to Organize Your Sock Drawer: 5 Sock Folds, Rated
Have you ever opened your sock drawer, winced, and just closed it right back up again? Me too. Here’s my story of sock drawer organization, with tips and tutorials on how to organize socks, and my in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of different sock folding methods.
Smelly Sock Solutions: Merino Wool Is the Answer
The science is clear. That rank smell is the result our bodies’ natural cooling system being turned against us. Hear us out on this: it’s going to get a little icky before we explain how Merino Wool helps to prevent stinky socks.
To Bear Town, With Love, From You
Instead of us telling you all the reasons we think Bear Town is the softest, comfiest, most adorable hiker on the trail, we’ll let you do the talking. Nothing a parent loves more than hearing from others what they already knew to begin with.
Zen and the Art of Producing the Best Sock

It was my 2nd day on the job at Darn Tough Vermont when Ric Cabot, our Founder and CEO, sat near my desk, sighed, and asked “So, … what is Quality?” Ric likes to ask open questions like that, like most people who are more interested in the discussion than the answer.

Skiing the Tordrillos: Less About the Snow & More About the People
While socks serve an incredibly important job of keeping my feet warm and able to perform my job, skiing, another must pack item is the crew that you surround yourself with. They have the equally important task of keeping your soul warm.
Find Your Valentine's Day Sole-Mate
This Valentine’s Day, instead of swiping and swiping to find your soulmate, let’s spend some time finding your sole-mate. Or, if you’ve already got a soulmate, now’s a great time to hook them up with their future sole-mate.
Winning the Lottery: Tips for Snagging Park Permits

It’s a new year, and that means it is time to think about summer outdoor objectives! It is also time to put in for those tough to get lotteries. To help with your planning, below is a list of 8 of these lotteries with dates, some lottery tips and, of course, the perfect sock for when you win.

Banished No More: Ending My Era of Stinky Snowboard Boots
Veteran skiers and riders know it well. That pervasive fragrance wafting from baseboards, radiators, heat ducts, or wherever warm air meets a drying boot liner. Eau du boot: something only a seasoned lover of the mountains might find remotely nostalgic, evidence of a hard day spent on the hill.
Native Vermonter, Maple Syrup Enthusiast, Female Hunter: Jamie Dragon
As a woman hunter, it has been challenging to find clothing and products that fit and perform well. I have struggled to find sufficient hunting gear for over a decade, and even the most expensive lines aren't conducive to women's needs. It seems most companies slap a unisex label on a men's product and call it a day.