The Alternate Stitch

Winter: How I Became a Skier

The apple doesn’t fall far from the frozen apple tree. Does that even work as a metaphor? Because apple trees don’t freeze, right? Ok, well you know what I mean. My mother loves the cold weather.

You (Didn’t) Ask, We Answer: Should You Sleep with Socks On?
Sometimes you have to look deep and ask yourself the age-old questions: Am I living up to my full potential? Does a falling tree demand an audience? And should I, or should I not, wear my socks to sleep?
What Really Happens When You Warranty Your Socks?

We still get people messaging us all the time asking: ‘Is it legit?’ and ‘Can I really send my socks back after 5 years and exchange them for a new pair?’ The short answer is, yes, of course you can. 

How to Choose the Right Socks for Skiing and Snowboarding
From boots to helmet, by the time you get on the mountain, it could seem like you’re swimming in gear. You might be wondering; do I need ski socks? Or maybe, what are the best ski socks? Let's dive into it. 
Why You Should Wear Padded Socks for Extreme Sports

In the state of Vermont, we love our extreme sports. It’s a special thing when you can find different ways to make the mountains your playground. But though these sports are fun, we often come home with bruised and battered legs, especially from the knee down. This is where padded socks come in.

Marriage Advice from a Pair of Darn Tough Socks

Nancy from Texas reached out with the wedding toast she wrote for her son and now daughter-in-law. Turns out, her son won the first race he ever ran in Darn Tough socks. And her wedding present to the newlyweds? You guessed it.

5-ish Reasons You’ll Love Merino Wool Socks for Winter
And after keeping your feet cool and fresh all summer, Merino Wool socks are still going to be your warmest socks and the best socks for winter. Let’s celebrate 5-ish reasons why Merino Wool makes the best warm winter socks.
The Best Socks for Sweaty Feet
While most people don’t really want to talk about their sweat, or hear about other people’s sweat, there is a lot of value in speaking from experience and learning lessons from others. 
Backcountry Skiing Tips: From Ascent to Après with Michelle Parker

Look at those lift lines! Let’s go backcountry skiing! But wait…there are some things to know before you go. Before you decide to hike up a mountain, there are a few things that can help keep you and others safe and make your adventure more enjoyable.

How to Choose the Right Running Socks
In this post, we’re going to cover how you should go about choosing the right pair of running socks. We’ll discuss the importance of running socks, what key features to look for, and what about Darn Tough Running socks make them the gold standard for every runner, from beginner level to elite professional.
2023: A Year in Review
Together, we did so much good this year. From providing relief to flood victims to feeding hungry families in Vermont, this is how we gave back in 2023. Our values are at the core of everything we do and every decision we make. And I’m proud to say that in 2023 we leaned in even harder.
Small Feet, BIG Problems… Not Anymore
Do you struggle to find socks that fit your small feet properly? Well... You're in the right place. Susie (shoe size 4) shares her tips, tricks, and solutions to find socks that fit just right, without the heels riding up past your ankles.
Different Types of Socks: A Complete-ish Guide

There are a lot of types of socks; trust us, we know. Working at a sock company, you quickly learn that there are so many different types of socks, with no shortage of ways to group and categorize them. To make things a little bit easier, we made a (mostly) comprehensive, no-nonsense guide on all types of socks. 

Are Expensive Socks Worth It?
Why are some socks expensive? Are expensive socks worth it? These are legit questions with prices going up. So if a multi-pack of cotton socks costs the same as a single pair of Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool socks, why not just go the less expensive route?
Men's Hiking Socks: A Buyer's Guide
We make a lot of men’s hiking socks. Good ones, too. With a goal to make your purchase easier — and to create some passionate responses internally — we went ahead and picked our “best hiking socks” (at least for this year).
Women's Hiking Socks: A Buyer's Guide
We knit a lot of hiking socks. Specifically (at the time this post was written), we knit 48 different styles alone in women’s hiking socks. Safe to say, like any parent, we’re proud of all our socks. But today, we thought we’d lay out our buyer’s guide to the best women’s hiking socks.
How to Wrap Socks
Are you wondering the how to gift wrap socks? Whether they’re going in a stocking or under the Christmas Tree, we have all your gift-wrapping needs covered!
Merino Wool vs Regular Wool: Not All Wool’s Created Equal
We choose Merino Wool because it’s wildly resilient and incredibly versatile. Two great things for hiking socks, snowboard socks, skiing socks, running socks, and every sock in between. You might be wondering why Merino Wool is so perfect as a sock material, so we’re covering what is it and how it’s different from regular wool.
From Farm to Yarn: The Story of Australian Merino Wool
At the heart of the Australian wool industry are the tens of thousands of woolgrowers who work tirelessly to look after their sheep and the land on which they graze. These woolgrowers have been the backbone of Australia for centuries, choosing to grow wool instead of other commodities.
Easy Holiday Homemade Gift Ideas
Not sure what to get that special someone for the holidays? In addition to giving our socks, we’ve gathered some other easy homemade gift ideas that you can make yourself and give to those you love. Gifts that come from the heart reflect the thought and effort you put into them.
A Bit of Holiday Spirit: A Darn Tough Design Story
This holiday season as you peruse Darn Tough’s website, you'll see illustrations of our socks and iconic images of the holiday season arranged with the real life products which inspired them, all coalescing to help tell the story of a company that has warm and fuzzy feelings embedded in the strands of their DNA as much as they do the strands of the socks we knit.