The Alternate Stitch

A Million Meals, A Million Thanks

One Million Meals. This Giving Tuesday, you helped us donate our millionth meal to the Vermont Foodbank. A million meals to people facing hunger, right in our own community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Starfish vs Seagull: And Other Wild Warranty Tales
“He ran down to the beach in his Darn Tough socks. He grabbed the starfish, ran out into the water and flung the starfish into the waves... in his mission to save the starfish, he lost a sock in the sea.”
T’was the Night of Sock Giving
T’was the night of sock giving, a drink was secured,
With laptop full charge, and the armchair reserved;
There were names on a list, but no presents to match,
So off to Darn Tough with an itch they could scratch.
Merino Wool Is Still King: Northwoods Whitetails Hunting Kits
Merino Wool is still the king — nothing comes close to providing the same performance and protection, especially when hiking 15 miles up and down mountains in fresh snow.
The Time of Boots & Boot Socks
Want to know the clincher that makes a good boot day a GREAT boot day? Boot socks. Let me tell you why boot socks are so great, and why, if you have a closet full of boots like I do, you also need a matching drawer full of boot socks.
Family Owned. Family Run. Three Generations of Darn Tough
Darn Tough has always been a company that embodies the definition of family, and that does not fall short when it comes to the Palic family. My name is Denis Palic and I am a third generation Palic working here at Darn Tough.
5-ish Merino Wool Myths, Debunked
We take Merino Wool’s reputation seriously. Why don’t more people wear wool socks? We think these common Merino Wool myths have something to do with it.
How to Choose the Right Socks for Work
Here’s the deal: you can have the best, most technical work boots or shoes in the world, but your feet are not going to be happy if you are wearing a crappy pair of socks
You (Didn’t) Ask, We Answer: Should You Sleep with Socks On?
Sometimes you have to look deep and ask yourself the age-old questions: Am I living up to my full potential? Does a falling tree demand an audience? And should I, or should I not, wear my socks to sleep?
Can I Borrow Some Socks?
And a little part of me will always hesitate when I walk through the front door and kick off my shoes. I grew up in a shoes-on household in the U.S., where the status of your shoes was never a point of discussion.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors: The Story of Vermont Foodbank’s Partnership with Darn Tough
The story of Vermont Foodbank’s partnership with Darn Tough is one that reflects this unique Green Mountain State community.
Quality: The Furthest Thing from Boring
"We Have Yet to Produce Our Best Sock." That statement, printed on the wall, was one of the first things I saw on my first day at Darn Tough.
With Names You Can Trust, These Socks Go to Work
When it came to naming our Work socks, it felt only right to name them after those who know a thing or two, because they’ve experienced a thing or two, about what it means to put work in.
A Journey of Letters & Socks
This is a thank you letter. Please read it with that in mind. This day had to come at some point… about a month ago, I successfully wore out my first pair of Darn Tough socks. It is the first time that this has ever happened to me.
Socks with Sandals & Other Controversial Sock Pairings
There are some that are firmly in the “Nope. Absolutely not! I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing socks with sandals” crowd. And then, there are those of us (yes, I include myself) that say, “Why not? Sandals need sock love too.”
To Cushion or Not Too Cushioned: A Sock Cushioning Debate
In this post we’ll break down what sock cushion is, why it’s helpful, the types of cushioning options we offer, and give some examples of different activities where you’d maybe want to go with Cushion or No Cushion.
Who Makes Darn Tough Socks? Part 2
We're taking you down the road to Nantanna (the name means "fine spinner"), another Darn Tough building nestled between Northfield's Main Street and the Dog River, to continue meeting people who make our socks.
5 Places Your Socks Are Hiding: How To Find Your Lost Socks
How do you find a missing sock you may ask? Where do you even begin looking? Well, let me tell you. We’re about to go through all the places you should look.
Fastest Known Time, or Feel, Know, Trust? The Long Trail FKT
When Ben Feinson, son of our Head of Product, went out for the Fastest Known Time on The Long Trail, we headed out to capture moments of his run. But what we ended up witnessing was much more than someone on a run.
Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer. Breathable Socks All Year Round.
Here’s how Darn Tough uses the advantages of Merino Wool to make socks that work in all seasons: warm in the winter, cool in the summer, dry and breathable all the time. If that sounds like a wild sheep chase, read on to find out more.
Who Makes Darn Tough Socks? Part 1
We get asked a lot about Mill tours. We don't currently have them, but if you've ever wondered who makes Darn Tough socks and what our process is, we did want to give you an inside look.