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Do I Need Sock Liners for Hiking?
In this post I’m going to get into the pros and cons of liner socks to help you determine your best footwear system. Spoiler: I truly don’t think you need liners if you have the right sock and shoe combo. So let’s get into it…
How to Darn Socks, Sweaters, & More
Nobody wants holey socks, yet I’m willing to guess you’ve worn them at least once. You know the feeling of cold toes or chilled heels, maybe debated whether it was better to leave your shoes on. Darning your socks is surprisingly simple - here's how.
Single & Ready to Mingle: What to Do with Single Socks

Laundry day. We’ve all been there. Everything is going great until you reach the end of the pile and see one lone sock sitting there. What to do with the lone survivor... what do you do with single socks?

Mutual Crush: Developing Work Socks with the Salmon Sisters

I can trace my crush on the Salmon Sisters all the way back to 2018. Needless to say, I was beyond excited when I heard they reached out, and even more excited to work with them on developing a new Darn Tough sock.

Sock 201: How to Design and Develop Socks

We take you on a closer look into how we design socks, from the research and development to knit-downs and fit testing. No worries, we’ll walk you those terms in a moment, but first let us show you.

Why Merino Wool Makes the Best Moisture Wicking Socks
Merino Wool has many natural benefits, including thermoregulation, durability, breathability, softness, and an unbelievable ability to manage moisture. Though other moisture wicking materials exist, we’ve found the best moisture wicking socks are made with Merino Wool.
Staff Picks: Our Favorite Socks for Summer

Summer in Vermont is often considered a sock-less season. But at our Mill, we know better than to assume people are strictly shoes-off. And, like you, we’re curious which Darn Tough socks offer the best fit for summer, so we turned to our experts.

Enchantment on the Appalachian Trail - Darn Tough Does Trail Magic
A group of us at Darn Tough had the opportunity to participate in Trail Magic this July, and this is our story. But first, let’s pull back the curtain a bit to uncover what secrets aid in the pull of Trail Magic’s supernatural attraction.
Running the Vermont 100: Fun Until It Wasn't
I rolled through the mile 21 aid station where my first drop bag was located.  I changed to a dry shirt and hat, refilled my gel cache, and started down the hill out of the crowd.  I was already clicking...
Hand in Glove: A Century of Textile Manufacturing Right in Vermont
Employees guide goat leather through industrial-grade needles. The dance of hand-making leather gloves rewinds the clock to an era when nearly all textile products purchased in the US were produced in the US. The front sign says it all: “Vermont Glove Since 1920: Actually Made in Randolph, VT."
How I Found the Right Mountain Bike Socks
My name is Brandon Sauer, and I am the Digital Project Producer at Darn Tough. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, gravel biking, and hiking in the beautiful state of Vermont. From Cotton to Merino At first, I...
Can't Hide from the Truth — No Slip No Shows

The premise for this test was ridiculous. It was formulated accidentally a few years ago when Darn Tough first started knitting casual no shows. Sitting on a deck admiring a mowed lawn, shoes were kicked off, and we realized the no shows hadn’t budged. There’s more to it, and we’ll get to that in a minute.

5-ish Reasons to Wear Merino Wool Socks in Summer

As a company dedicated to knitting the absolute best socks out there, it’s probably no surprise Darn Tough views socks as all-season wardrobe essentials - yes, even in summer. Let’s bust the myth that wool is just for winter and consider five reasons why wearing wool socks in summer is awesome.

To Dig Is to Ride: Trail Night with Bicycle Express Racing & WATA VT
In my opinion, the best biking on the East Coast is in Vermont. The best biking in Vermont is at Perry Hill. Bicycle Express Racing, WATA VT, and Darn Tough banded together to remediate an eroded climbing trail that took riders to the progression focused trails of S'mores and Campfire.
Beyond Upcycling: Bobolink Yarns & Darn Tough Vermont
To me, the coolest aspect of this project is that it sets aside the “compromise” nature of some upcycled products. This isn’t a conversion of some old jeans into a bag or a yogurt container into a flowerpot: This is a primary-use manufacture that puts wool waste from Darn Tough Socks at near-zero. 
Barn Quilts: Supporting the VT Foodbank, Art to Plate
What better way to launch the Knit to Give sock series, we figured, than by collaborating with local artists? With its farm-fresh look featuring a wheelbarrow, Holsteins, chickens, and more, the Barnyard sock in particular seemed like a perfect match for Vermont barn quilt artist Megan Beachum at Crow Bar D’signs.
Why You Should Be Wearing No Show Socks
Meet the No Show sock. Our go-to in the spring and summer, on a run, hiding beneath a stylish sneaker or loafer, or sauntering around a golf course (golfers saunter, and you know it). Hopefully it goes without saying that although the No Show is minimal, it still has our trademark Merino Wool for the comfort, quality, and protection you know and love.
Unconditional Giving: Introducing Knit to Give
Introducing ‘Knit to Give’ – a series of socks giving all profits directly to the Vermont Foodbank. You’ve seen us commit to a few days a year where we would donate profits from the website, which was wonderful don’t get us wrong – you helped us donate one million meals that way – but we wanted more.
Ring Das Bell: Running the Broken Arrow Skyrace

For a race that only started in 2016, Broken Arrow has grown to become one of the best trail races in America. Specifically, it boasts a deep field of elite runners vying for spots on team USA and a large prize purse. The marquee events include a vertical kilometer (VK), 52k and 26k. I’ll be running the VK and the 26k.

The Mirnavator Comes to Vermont: Q&A with Ultra Runner Mirna Valerio
Ultra-runner, public speaker, mother, force of nature – Mirna Valerio inspires us. If you haven’t heard her story, check it out. We were pumped when she moved to Vermont a few years back and decided to get her thoughts on...
How to Pair Our Socks with Your Weird Dad

Dads can be the hardest to buy gifts for. We never want anything, or at least can never think of anything we want. But socks. I love socks. I think most dads would. Depending on what your dad is into, or what he’s like, here are some Merino Wool recommendations for this Father’s Day.