Big Feet Mean Big Socks

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My name is Mark Hassett, and I am thru hiker and avid adventurer who is always seeking a trail to be explored. In 2019, I Southbound sectioned the Northern Half of Pacific Crest Trail from Canada to Chester, CA (1,325 miles). In 2020, I completed a successful end-to-end hike of Vermont’s Long Trail. This past spring and summer, I made it back to hike the entire 2,652-mile PCT Northbound from Mexico to Canada.

Other than my hiking partner, Maggie, the one thing that I always have in my pack is a pair of Darn Tough socks!

Does Darn Tough Make Socks for Big Feet?

I have size 13-14 feet (depending on the shoe brand), so if you are like me, I know that shopping for socks online is difficult. Especially if you have a wider foot or more than typical volume to your feet. Luckily, Darn Tough is here to help you!

Darn Tough has socks that will cover you for any activity, whether it is walking around town, climbing your favorite mountain, or running through your favorite park.

Hiker seated in trunk to put on hiking boots and large hiking socks

In addition to being a thru hiker, I’m also a Customer Service Representative at Darn Tough. We get a lot of questions from people who, like myself, have big feet. Here’s what I’ve learned, from my own experience and from helping people like you.

What Socks Do You Recommend for Big Feet?

If you have long, big feet (like me), don’t worry – Darn Tough makes socks for you, with sock sizes all the way up to XXL, which fits Men’s shoe sizes 15-17.

Darn Tough socks are broken down into men’s and women’s sizes but that does not mean you are limited to the gender that is listed on the packaging. Many people can (and do) wear both genders – the default sizing simply relates to standard shoe sizes.

Two hikers wearing darn tough hiking socks, on a desert hike

Aka, if you’re shopping in Women’s socks but find the Large is too small, you can 100% head over to our Men’s socks and Unisex socks. To find the right size for any of our socks, start with the size chart (the short version for big feet and big socks below):

Men's / Unisex Size Chart
Men / Unisex Sock Size Men US Women US Euro UK
L 10-12 12-14 43-45.5 9.5-11.5
XL 12.5-14.5 46-49.5 12-14
XXL 15-17 50-53 15-16

Not every sock we knit is available in every size, so here’s some great places to start if your feet call for XXL:

  1. Tactical Socks: When customers are searching for a sock for larger feet, we often recommend the Tactical socks as the go-to option. The Tactical style socks are our most unique socks that are by design knit slightly larger than our other models. It can be a great option for those looking for a larger knit sock for all-around performance. Plus, every sock in this unisex category is available up to size XXL. Pair of large feeding wearing tactical socks and fatigues
  2. Hiker Boot: The Hiker Boot sock comes in both cushion and full cushion options, so depending on how much you like throughout the socks, these ones have you covered. These come in sizes all the way up to XXL for those looking for the largest fit but want a sock to hold up when hitting the trail. (Also available in women's sizing: Women’s Hiker Boot)

What Socks Do You Recommend for Wide Feet?

Big wide feet in black tactical socks, which fit perfect

In my experience helping customers, they have found that sizing up gives them enough material to cover the width of their feet. More on that in a minute, but first you should know:

It’s normal for the performance fit of Darn Tough socks to feel snug around your foot, especially if it’s your first pair. You want that snug fit, as it reduces any extra material shifting around that can lead to blisters caused by friction. No need to worry if they feel snug when you first put them on, that is how they should feel!

However, they should never be so tight that it hurts. The socks should not cause any unwanted pressure and pain to your feet.

Our socks are knit, meaning they have 3-way stretch. As the sock expands horizontally, the extra length contracts and is redistributed around the wider part of the foot. If you have wide feet, this might result in needing to go up a sock size so there’s more material to redistribute and account for that extra width.

Pro Tip: Socks that are midweight or heavyweight have a higher percentage of wool and may provide more stretch and give. One of the many great things about Merino is how resilient it is (aka good at stretching without being damaged).

Some Fit Examples

Woman running down a trail wearing darn tough men's running socks

Let’s say you normally wear Women’s shoe size 11, so you go ahead and order a Women’s Large sock. If you find that the socks are tight around your ankles or don’t give you the room you are looking for across the arch of your foot, all you need to do is go up one size and try out our Men’s Large.

If you typically wear Men’s XL, like me, but find that our taller sock styles do not have the height that you want on your leg, we have a range of options in boot height that could work better for you. Those with wide feet or long legs sometimes find that our sock heights don’t sit as high on their legs as the same socks do on our model testers, but going up a height can fix that (and we offer nine sock heights, for lots of options).

Man with large feet reading on a couch wearing heavyweight darn tough socks

Darn Tough’s website is designed to give you the information you need to make the best socks work for you no matter your size feet. Check out our sock sizing chart to see what might fit you best (and if your problem isn't big feet, but small feet - we've still got you covered with small socks too). And the Customer Service Team I’m a part of is ready if you need some extra assistance.

What If I Order Socks, and They're Too Small When They Arrive?

We know there is a lot of socks out there and you may not have a store locally to try the fit before purchasing. If you have any questions before purchasing, please reach out to us at We are always looking to help customers find the ones that work right for them.

If you do order some socks and find they don’t fit the way you like, we have you covered with free returns and exchanges, and our team will do our best to help you find the right socks for you with that new information!

About the Author

Mark Hasset and his hiking partner celebrating the completion of their PCT thru hike

Mark Hassett is a Customer Support Representative at Darn Tough Vermont. He currently resides in Waterbury, Vermont, and enjoys backpacking, trail running, and skiing during his free time.

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