From Our Moms' Feet to Yours: Mother's Day Staff Picks

Two daughters standing with their mom, showing what socks they'd buy her for mother's day

For this round of Staff Picks, we talked to Darn Tough moms and their children (who also work at Darn Tough). We asked the kids which sock they’d be most likely to give their mom for Mother’s Day...

...And then asked mom to pick the sock she’d actually want. Not that either one needs more socks because they both work here. But in the spirit of giving and celebrating the women who raised us, here’s what our staff had to say.

Jody N. & Brianna R.

Jody and Brianna showing the socks they each picked as the perfect mom gift

Mom's Pick: Hunting Boot Sock (Burgundy)

Daughter's Pick: Run No Show Tab Sock (Ash)

Jody is your typical Vermont mom who enjoys hunting, ice fishing, and hanging with her dog. Which is why she loves our Hunting Boot sock – for comfort at home and cold nights at camp. But since her daughter Brianna knows she already has a few pairs, she picked something different that she knew her mom would like.

Brianna – a Team Lead down in B2C – does everything with her mom, including pack orders and play ping-pong after lunch. She tells us that family has always been a big part of her life, and even more so since she started working at Darn Tough. For her mom, Brianna chose our No Show Tab Run sock because it’s breathable and never slips while returning her topspin serves.

Seaaira T. & Michelle B.

Seaaira and Michelle holding up socks (both with some purple) that mom would love

Mom's Pick: Run No Show Tab Sock (Space Grey)

Daughter's Pick: Hiker Micro Crew (Purple)

Michelle’s been a Sticker Machine Operator at Darn Tough for 6 years and recently got her daughter, Seaaria, in on the gig. Before that, the mother-daughter team had already been working together at a local restaurant. So, safe to say, seeing each other at work isn’t new to them. What is new, Michelle says, is watching her daughter mature and develop a robust work ethic.

Seaaria chose the classic Hiker Micro Crew in purple for her mom, knowing she’d appreciate its lavender look. And one that Michelle admits she really likes. But for Mother’s Day, Michelle couldn’t resist picking her favorite No Show Tab running sock, with, of course, some purple in there. “I wear both socks often – the No Shows for running around the Mill and the Hikers for, well, everything else.”

Melissa, Mikayla, & Myrissa F.

Myrissa and Mykayla with their mom Melissa, each holding a different sock they though mom would love

Mom's Pick: Element No Show (Violet)

Mykayla's Pick: Sunset Ledge Micro Crew (Dark Teal)

Myrissa's Pick: Blossom Micro Crew (Charcoal)

Melissa is the matriarch of the family, flanked by her two daughters – Mykayla and Myrissa – who also work 1st shift at Nantanna. Melissa chose our Element No Show in Violet because the cushion helps support her feet. “Especially if your daughters are always nagging you for something,” she says, “the cushion is quite comforting.”

Mykayla, pictured right, is a 1st Shift Line Supervisor who knows her mom likes pink and a little extra cushion. She chose the Sunset Ledge for its color palette, performance fit, and because her mom loves the mountains. Knit with a low-profile leg, this sock holds its position for long hours at work and long hikes to the summit.

Myrissa was featured in a previous round of Staff Picks. But when asked about her mom, she was happy to describe what it’s like working with her. “She’s selfless and always willing to help.” If you remember Myrissa’s attraction to flowers, you won’t be surprised to know that she picked the Blossom Lifestyle sock for mom, because its roots – like her family’s – run deep.

Carole J. & Faith D.

Mom and daughter Carol and Faith at the Mill, showing off socks you could give mom

Mom's Pick: Patchwork Crew (Grey)

Daughter's Pick: Run No Show Tab Sock with Cushion (Sky)

Carole isn’t much of a sock fan but admits it’s tough to wear flip flops year-round if you live in Vermont. Besides, closed toe shoes are required on the knitting floor. So, if she had to pick, the Patchwork is her go-to. It’s Lightweight, not too flashy, but spunky enough to remind her that the world’s best socks are still knit right here in Northfield. Which her daughter, Faith, knows all too well.

Even though Faith knows her mom prefers to go sock-less, eight years at Darn Tough gives her confidence when picking a sock that she knows will maybe change her mind. The No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight Run sock is a game-changer for most, but one of the only pairs that she knows her mom will wear. Moisture-wicking and breathable, this sock is a sure-fire choice if mom’s feet run hot.

Deb & Kevin M.

Kevin with his mom Debra showing the sock he'd give her versus the one she'd pick

Mom's Pick: Animal Haus Crew (Lagoon)

Son's Pick: Mountaineering Micro Crew (Midnight)

After talking with Deb, it’s clear her personality traits align perfectly with the sock she chose. A 1st Shift Auditor at Nantanna, Deb’s contagious laughter and smile describe why she’d pick such a loud and colorful sock. And because, she says, “the Animal Haus design reminds me that people take life too seriously and ought to laugh more.”

Kevin knows his mom well. So well, he admits, that he would have chosen the Skunk sock for her (if you remember that one) but had no trouble selecting the Mountaineering as a backup. Kevin is a 2nd Shift Technician at the Mill and, like his mom, is revered for his friendliness. He’s got a few farm animals at home but agrees that seeing his mom wearing the Animal Haus is much wilder.

Heather & Shelby L.

Heather and Shelby showing off their sock gift ideas for moms

Mom's Pick: Lucky Lady No Show (Seafoam)

Daughter's Pick: Sun Pedal Crew (Lavender) 

You might remember Heather from our last round of Staff Picks. She chose the Lucky Lady because of its fit and cute design (and because seeing her daughter at work reminds her that she is one herself). But we already knew she liked our No Shows. “It’s the best sock to wear with sneakers,” she says. And we can’t help but agree.

Her daughter, Shelby, works in Packaging and chose the Sun Pedal for her mom on Mother’s Day. Shelby likes this sock because it’s colorful, fun, and describes how active her mom is. It’s almost as erratic as her favorite Seinfeld character, Kramer, which Shelby tells us she’s currently binging on Netflix. “But my mom knows how to pull it off.”