Close up on model featuring the Women's Beartown Micro Crew hiking sock

Women's Hiking Socks

Durable women’s hiking socks combine moisture-wicking Merino Wool with a little trail magic for the most comfortable, anti-blister hike sock you’ll ever own.

If you’re new to our women’s wool hiking socks, our midweight micro crew and boot socks are a good place to start. Knit for all seasons, they’re the right height for most hiking boots and shoes. If you’re looking for summer hiking socks, check out our lightweight hike socks (the bear sock is darn cute) and no show socks. Our quarter height options are true ankle socks, hitting just above the ankle bone and featuring the perfect amount of light cushion. For extra warmth, our mountaineering socks set the record as our thickest, warmest performance hike socks, knit for cold weather.

We’re firm believers that the best hiking socks for women are the ones that keep up with you, no matter how long the trek. Pro tip: our hiker socks also make great walking socks, or even slippers (especially the full cushion ones).

Learn more about what makes these the best socks for hiking. Shop our entire selection of hiking socks.

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The best women’s hiking socks are knit to withstand the elements and provide comfort – like Darn Tough’s Bear Town Hiker. This bestselling hiking sock for women offers undeniable style and a personality to match your own. Plus, it’s naturally breathable, odor-resistant, and moisture wicking.

Yes, you can wear socks with hiking sandals. Most hiking sandals (excluding thong sandals) can be worn with your favorite pair of hiking socks. Darn Tough knits a variety of Merino Wool hiking socks that pair great with hiking shoes and sandals, including our signature Micro Crew Hiker.

Merino Wool hiking socks prevent blisters because they wick moisture away from your feet. Darn Tough Merino Wool hiking socks are more breathable, thus allowing heat to escape your socks instead of being trapped. For hikers, this is essential if you favor blister-free feet after hiking all day.

The most comfortable women’s hiking socks are made from Merino Wool. Darn Tough hike socks for women are durable, cushioned, and naturally wick moisture for added comfort. Perfect for hiking, these socks offer the most comfortable fit for both easy day hikes and challenging multi-day trips.

The best hiking socks for hot weather are naturally moisture wicking and breathable. Hot-weather hiker socks made from Merino Wool are your best choice for comfort and performance on hot days. Darn Tough socks are great for preventing blisters and keep your feet cool even while sweating.