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Animal Socks

Who can resist cute animal socks? Surely not us. Fox socks, cat socks, dog socks... from farm animals to woodland creatures, count on us putting animals on our socks till the cows come home.

Whether it’s for work or play, you can’t go wrong wearing these designs. Our animal socks for men, women, and juniors come in a free-range of styles, from dressy Crew height chicken socks to fun-loving penguin socks for skiing.

All of our animal socks are Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life and knit right here in Vermont, USA. We use high quality materials like Merino Wool, which naturally wicks moisture, regulates temperature, and fights odors.

The Bear Town holds a special place in our hearts, not only because we love bear socks, but because it’s one of the first animal designs we ever knit. Fun fact: Both the Bear Town Micro Crew and Van Grizzle Boot Sock are named after one of our employee’s trail names, “Sir Owen Van Grizzle, The Duke of Bear Town”.

We even have some mythical creatures lurking around our Animal Sock Collection. From Magical Unicorns and legendary lake monsters, to ferocious beasts prowling the Northwoods, keep your eyes peeled and you might just have a Close Encounter… not that you’d be the first.

Which Animal Socks Match Your Personality?

We help you find animal socks that align with your personality. Whether you like farm animals, owls, or bear socks, there's a sock for you.

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A Darn Tough Menagerie: The Folktale Behind Our Animal Socks

Many of our animal sock designs defy norms and expectations. You may ask yourself: How on earth did all these animal socks come to be?

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Vermont Farmers Are Darn Tough

It's hard to deny how farms have influenced Vermont culture. In our neck of the woods, if you don’t own a farm, chances are you know someone who does. We asked Darn Tough families to share about their farms, the inspo for our farm animal socks.

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At Darn Tough, we’re crazy about animal socks. And from what we know, so are you. We knit animal socks for women, men, juniors, and anyone looking to share their love of animals in a fun, unique, and undeniably comfortable way.

None, they go barefoot! (C’mon, you saw that coming). If bears did wear socks though, safe bet they’d be Merino Wool, as the odor eliminating properties would help even the filthiest bears cover their scent. Perhaps a cushioned style would help cover their tracks, too.

First of all, why not? Animal socks will brighten your day every time you look at your feet. Not only that, but they’re also a great conversation starter. People will ask, trust us. They always do.

Our animal socks make the perfect gift for your critter-loving friends and family. Not only are they comfortable, durable, and Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life, but now you can give them a pair that’s meaningful… and Merino.

Here in Vermont, there’s a farm where one cow lurks through the night and rips powder from first chair to last. His name is Greg and he loves to eat grass, grains, and legumes. His favorite socks? Our signature cow socks, the Pow Cow Ski Socks.