The Alternate Stitch

The History of Merino Sheep and Wool Manufacturing in Vermont
This year marks our 20th anniversary of making socks right here in Vermont. Vermont has a rich history of sheep farming and wool textiles. From the textile mill history behind our Nantanna location, to our commitment to Merino Wool, to the community itself, we’d like to think we’re keeping a legacy alive.
Vermont Farmers Are Darn Tough
Whether it’s getting stuck behind a tractor, seeing the beautiful red barns tucked into the green mountains, or the weekly farmer’s markets, it's hard to deny how farms have influenced Vermont culture. In our neck of the woods, if you don’t own a farm, chances are you know someone who does.
Staff Picks: New Styles & Colors for 2024
So, for this round of Staff Picks, we took to the knitting floor here in Waterbury to find out which new pairs (and colors) people are most excited about and why.
Making Maple Syrup in Vermont

Sugaring. For those unfamiliar with the word, it is Vermont speak for making maple syrup. But for Vermonters, it is one word that conjures emotional memories of steam-filled cabins and, for those more romantically inclined, a horse towing a tank on a sleigh through a snow-covered forest. 

What Really Happens When You Warranty Your Socks?

We still get people messaging us all the time asking: ‘Is it legit?’ and ‘Can I really send my socks back after 5 years and exchange them for a new pair?’ The short answer is, yes, of course you can. 

A Bit of Holiday Spirit: A Darn Tough Design Story
This holiday season as you peruse Darn Tough’s website, you'll see illustrations of our socks and iconic images of the holiday season arranged with the real life products which inspired them, all coalescing to help tell the story of a company that has warm and fuzzy feelings embedded in the strands of their DNA as much as they do the strands of the socks we knit.
Staff Picks: Celebrating Holiday Traditions
As a family-owned company, we appreciate the things that bring families together. For these staff picks, we asked our employees to pick their favorite tradition and share how they celebrate the holidays — they did not disappoint. These traditions will warm your heart like our socks warm your feet.
Meet Champ: Vermont’s Lake Monster
You can find some fascinating oddities and legends under the green veneer of Vermont, the Green Mountain State. There are cursed statues, mythical pigmen, and a multitude of haunted places. The most famous mystery would have to be Champ or Champy, the Lake Champlain Monster.
Of Sorcery & Socks: A Tale of Trail Magic
We recently put together a gear checklist, we made sure to ask hikers about their gear – particularly which items have helped them the most and any they thought were unique or worth sharing.
A Lifetime Guarantee Starts with Quality at Every Step

Quality was a founding principle at Darn Tough, and we continue to pursue it to the highest degree at every step of the process. Being fully committed to excellence and high standards is how we can back our socks with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

Follow the White Blazes: How to Hike the Long Trail of Vermont
The Long Trail (LT) of Vermont is a 272-mile hiking route that follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Vermont-Massachusetts border all the way to Canada. Steeped in rich history, the Long Trail is America’s oldest long-distance hiking trail, conceived in 1910 by the Green Mountain Club.
We’ve Got Mail: Weird, Wild, & Wonderful Customer Packages

It’s rare to get mail these days. Well, rare to get real mail that isn’t coupons for things you don’t want or offers to buy your home. Unless you work in the Darn Tough warranty department―then you’ll get a lot of mail. Mail like this. 

Staff Picks: The People Who Know

If you know, you know. And if you don’t, that’s okay. Because for this round of Staff Picks, we talked to a few people who know best. We reached out to Darn Tough employees who have at least 10 years of service with the company and asked them to talk about their favorite socks. This is what we learned.

The Bright Side of Playing with Your Food
When asked, if I would be interested in taking part in an art project to celebrate our Knit to Give program with local students, I was initially hesitant, only because I have had very little exposure around kids in my adult life. But then, I realized the students are the same age I was when I was introduced to art.
Sock 201: How to Design and Develop Socks

We take you on a closer look into how we design socks, from the research and development to knit-downs and fit testing. No worries, we’ll walk you those terms in a moment, but first let us show you.

Enchantment on the Appalachian Trail - Darn Tough Does Trail Magic
A group of us at Darn Tough had the opportunity to participate in Trail Magic this July, and this is our story. But first, let’s pull back the curtain a bit to uncover what secrets aid in the pull of Trail Magic’s supernatural attraction.
Running the Vermont 100: Fun Until It Wasn't
I rolled through the mile 21 aid station where my first drop bag was located. I changed to a dry shirt and hat, refilled my gel cache, and started down the hill out of the crowd. I was already clicking off a great pace and felt outstanding.
Hand in Glove: A Century of Textile Manufacturing Right in Vermont
Employees guide goat leather through industrial-grade needles. The dance of hand-making leather gloves rewinds the clock to an era when nearly all textile products purchased in the US were produced in the US. The front sign says it all: “Vermont Glove Since 1920: Actually Made in Randolph, VT."
To Dig Is to Ride: Trail Night with Bicycle Express Racing & WATA VT
In my opinion, the best biking on the East Coast is in Vermont. The best biking in Vermont is at Perry Hill. Bicycle Express Racing, WATA VT, and Darn Tough banded together to remediate an eroded climbing trail that took riders to the progression focused trails of S'mores and Campfire.
Beyond Upcycling: Bobolink Yarns & Darn Tough Vermont
To me, the coolest aspect of this project is that it sets aside the “compromise” nature of some upcycled products. This isn’t a conversion of some old jeans into a bag or a yogurt container into a flowerpot: This is a primary-use manufacture that puts wool waste from Darn Tough Socks at near-zero. 
Barn Quilts: Supporting the VT Foodbank, Art to Plate
What better way to launch the Knit to Give sock series, we figured, than by collaborating with local artists? With its farm-fresh look featuring a wheelbarrow, Holsteins, chickens, and more, the Barnyard sock in particular seemed like a perfect match for Vermont barn quilt artist Megan Beachum at Crow Bar D’signs.