Unconditional Commitment

Our Unconditional Guarantee has rooted us in more ways than just warrantying socks. This core value has also guided us in giving back, 
creating a supportive Vermont for all.

Vermont Foodbank trucks carrying food donations to those in needVermont Foodbank trucks carrying food donations to those in need

Shared Success

We owe a lot to our little state. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, this community has seen 
us through most of those stages.

So, we vowed to make a lifelong commitment to Vermont and do the same in return. 
We give back to strengthen our fellow Vermonters. Supporting their families when they have nowhere else to turn. 
For our success is shared, both within our walls and in the community at large.

How We Prioritize Giving

Supporting our community and putting family first is an unconditional value at Darn Tough that leads us in our donation efforts. Focusing on those who need it most in Vermont and outside of our state is how we prioritize giving. We're committed to our people, our neighbors, and together is how we'll continue to fight for a better future.

Woman seated in truck bed with a load of fresh lettuce

Fighting Food Insecurity

People take food for granted, not knowing that others have very little — or none at all. We partner with the Vermont Foodbank to help end food insecurity in our state. And with over one million meals donated, we're getting closer everyday.

A youth baseball player out in the field

Schools & Youth Services

We value proper education like a fresh pair of socks — everybody needs one. And it's our duty to deliver that promise: to coach up our kids and stand behind them as we know they stand with us.

Orphans holding up new pairs of Darn Tough socks

Marginalized Communities

For many, our socks are a sign of hope. They provide comfort, warmth, and companionship to those who need it — orphans, military vets, LGBTQ+ groups, homeless shelters, etc. — because we know the difference it makes.

How We Give

Socks That Give

Our Knit to Give program was developed to fight food insecurity in Vermont. But it's grown bigger. Now, we donate 5% of sales from our Triple Crown series to support America's long-distance hiking trails. And by working closely with the Vermont Foodbank, we're still donating meals.

Closeup of socks that were knit to support the Vermont Foodbank
Darn Tough employees picking up litter around the state for Vermont Green-Up Day

Volunteer Hours

If you know us, you know we don't mind getting our hands dirty. Each year we're given paid volunteer hours to use to help our community. We put in the hours, the hard work, not because we're told. But because it's our responsibility. And it starts with showing up.

Sock Donations

Our impact is felt far and wide, often reaching heights that few humans ever will. But when they do, you bet we're with them. Our goal is to support people in our community who need donations right now, even though we know we can't give to everyone. Not that it's ever stopped us from trying.

United Network for Organ Sharing members on summit of a 19K mountain

Request a Donation

We're busy knitting socks and are unable to accept donation requests at this time.

If you're Fire, EMT, Police, Teacher, or Military Vet/Active Duty, this exclusive offer is for you.