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Tactical Socks

Durable tactical socks with a lifetime guarantee. These American made socks meet the procurement and technical requirements of Berry Compliance.

Moisture wicking, anti-microbial, and temperature regulating, Merino Wool socks keep feet dry and blister-free in military combat boots. For warm to hot climates, lightweight socks deliver a minimalist feel without compromising performance and durability. The quarter crew and no show heights are ideal PT socks. Midweight socks are versatile for variable and temperate climates, while heavyweight socks deliver maximum warmth in extreme cold weather, while still keeping feet dry.

Available in approved military-spec colors (including the regulation OCP sock colors of black, green, brown, and tan), our tactical wool socks can be worn with combat uniforms, service uniforms, dress uniforms, and fitness uniforms. The T4021, T4033, and T4050 styles have all received the US Air Force Safe to Fly Product Certification.

Government Buyer? Get in touch with us. We are proud to offer a discount to active duty military, veterans, fire fighters, police officers, and other first responders.

The Best Socks for Military & Duty Boots

Your boots are only as tough as your socks. That's why our Tactical socks are first on foot and always your first line of defense.

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From those who have served and who currently serve, why they recommend our Merino Wool socks for when the going gets tough.

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The best socks for rucking are made from moisture-wicking Merino Wool. They’re knit using high-quality yarns that increase durability for weighted activities with a heavy backpack or rucksack. At Darn Tough, our T4022 Midweight Tactical sock is widely considered the best sock for rucking.

Army PT uniform socks are required to be solid white or black with no visible logos above the shoe. They must provide full ankle coverage and be worn right side out. Some Special Forces can wear Darn Tough No Shows, but most military personnel are authorized to wear our Tactical Quarter socks.

Merino Wool socks are best for military because they naturally wick moisture and provide enhanced durability for longs days on your feet. Unlike cotton, Merino Wool insulates even after it gets wet and actively prevents blistering. It’s also odor and flame resistant.

The best military sock for hot weather is breathable and moisture-wicking. Merino Wool is preferred over cotton because it naturally repels bacteria and odor, preventing hot-weather infections like gangrene and trench foot. Darn Tough socks are also flame resistant and protect against blisters.

The U.S. Army requires soldiers to wear socks that are olive green, coyote brown, or black. They must provide full ankle coverage and show no visible logos above the shoe. Darn Tough knits socks that meet these requirements, including our T4088 Quarter Midweight Tactical Sock with Cushion.