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If these aren’t the longest lasting socks you’ve ever owned, you can return them to us for another pair. No receipt needed, just the pair in question.

Our warranty process is easy ... 6 steps.

Remove socks from foot

Step 1: Remove Socks

Issue discovered, decision to return socks made.

Fill out our online lifetime warranty form

Step 2: Online Form

Complete the Warranty Claims Form (link below). It’s quick and easy.

Worn socks being placed in shipping box

Step 3: You Ship

Clean socks, include your form, send them back.

Receive your lifetime warranty redemption code

Step 4: Receive Code

We will email a code to use on, once we receive and process your pair.

A new pair of Darn Tough socks in a box

Step 5: We Ship

Your new pair of lifetime guaranteed socks will ship for free.

A new sock on a foot

Step 6: Replace

Slip on the most comfortable, durable, best fitting socks you now own.


When we say our socks are durable, it’s about more than wearing through – it means they will remain comfortable, with a performance fit, day after day. Our warranty data helps us improve, and we knit a better sock. 

Darn tough long lasting socks we covered under our lifetime warranty
darn tough women's we replaced since they're socks with lifetime warranty
quarter crew socks covered by the darn tough warranty for life
micro crew hiking socks we guaranteed for life to be the most durable socks
kids socks are guaranteed for life too, and we covered these under our warranty
darn tough men's socks covered by the lifetime warranty program


The unconditional guarantee ensures we maintain the standards we set. Does it drive us to be better? Absolutely.

pink no show socks covered by our unconditional guarantee
mountaineering socks we replaced because these are socks guaranteed for life
Striped dress socks covered by the darn tough warranty for indestructible socks
green and gray socks returned to the darn tough warranty program
Brown hiking socks unconditionally guaranteed for life
fun everyday socks returned for a lifetime guarantee warranty

Things We Don't Cover

We get it, the idea of “unconditionally guaranteed” could be interpreted differently, but we guarantee our work, and our socks. Hike to the Moon, and we will cover that kind of wear, but if you leave them there, we don’t want to assume responsibility for that. We don’t need a receipt, we don’t need a reason – although we do like to see them, and if you want to share a story, we are always curious. In the meantime, these are the most common questions we can answer:

Dog eating a sock, something our lifetime warranty doesn't cover


We can only speak to the sock itself, not dogs or other means of devastation brought on by not wearing the socks on your feet. They are not trailer tie downs.

A pig roasting over a fire - not something to do with your socks


Merino Wool is naturally flame resistant, but fire can be avoided. They will survive a brief encounter with flame, but they won't save you pain from a fire walk. Nor will we cover that.

A sock disappearing into a magicians hat

Lost in Laundry

We only warranty pairs, not singles. There's still a good chance they are hiding in the pant leg or sleeve. Regardless, loss is not something we can prevent on our end.

"I literally only own Darn Tough socks. I kinda want to see how good their customer service department is, but their durability prevents me from it."

— Stephen F.