Close up on model featuring our Men's No show Ultra-Lightweight Running socks

Men's No Show Socks

We knit with our no show socks for men from lightweight Merino Wool for thin yet durable socks that keep their good looks and performance benefits under the surface (read: shoe).

Designed for all-day comfort, Hidden socks are the no show height that hides (get it?) under dress shoes, boat shoes, and low-tops. AKA you can kick off those oxfords, loosen your tie, and slip on your loafers in one smooth motion, no sock change required.

But don’t limit our men’s no show socks to leisure – there’s a reason we knit No Show and No Show Tab heights in our hiking, running and athletic socks. They make great men's summer hiking socks, for one. Minimalist athletes love how the low profile combines with moisture wicking abilities, breathability, arch support, and heel tab for the perfect no-blister fit (our men's no show running socks are a prime example). 

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