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Worker in a hard hat and work boots working outdoors wearing the best socks for work bootsThe kind of field with tall grass where you need work boots and durable socks for work boots

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Long days on your feet are long days in socks. Designed to fit your boots and your schedule, we know these are the best socks for work.

Work Sock Engineering

Worker pulling on darn tough socks for steel toe boots, the best wool socks for work

A. Unrivaled Durability

High-density knitting and a signature blend of Merino Wool, Nylon, and Lycra® are how we unconditionally guarantee these heavy duty socks for life.

B. Fits Like It Should

Support around the arch alleviates foot fatigue, no slouching overall alleviates anger.

C. Breathable

Merino Wool is breathable and naturally regulates temperature, to which we added mesh panels that keep ventilation flowing.

D. True Seamless™ Toe

The feature no one feels, and that's the point.

Cushioned Socks for Work

Steel Toe Cushion

Terry loop cushion underfoot wraps around the toes for added comfort in steel-toed boots, leaving the top of the foot lighter and airy on these steel toe work socks.

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All our cushioned Work socks feature Terry loop cushion underfoot, while select styles also use terry loops in the leg of the sock for added boot comfort.

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Full Cushion

Terry loops knit throughout the entire Work sock are what provide a full cushion of comfort and protection in these warm socks for work.

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Worker pulling on leather boots over their darn tough work socks, the best socks for working on your feet all day
Designed for Work Boots

Like most things we do, how socks for work boots need to differ can start with height, so we knit different heights to cover various boot types and work environments. The Boot Sock height is the most popular when fit with an 8-inch work boot found in all kinds of industrial sites. Over-the-Calf sock styles cover a range of rubber farm boots, and some just like that added coverage up the leg. In the opposite direction, the Micro Crew and 1/4 Socks are becoming more popular with lighter, steel-toed work shoes you might wear in the warehouse.

"Best socks I've had for work. I wear them daily with my steel toe boots for work where I walk an average of 10 miles a day. They are comfortable and last a long time." — Andrew G.

Merino Wool Works

Leather or rubber boots, freezing temps or maddening rooftop heat, this is where Merino Wool socks are downright a necessity. Wool has a natural crimp in the fiber that creates pockets of insulation. That also lets excessive heat vent out, and with it, the moisture it's been absorbing off your feet. That same moisture that eventually makes your sweaty feet smell. Dry, moderate feet that don't smell — that's what our socks do.

“Like baby blankets for your feet. Temperature control is great as I wear these in the winter, summer, and every season in between. I wear steel toe boots 14 hours a day, 5 days a week, and these socks are unfazed. These are the only socks I wear now.” — Matt B.

Industrial worker using a welder, sending sparks flying at work. Good thing merino wool socks are fire resistant
Construction worker pulling off boots wearing darn tough heavy duty work socks
Unrivaled Durability

Our company is built on a foundation of an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee — and it's legit. You can bet we measure twice. The durability of our socks is a source of personal pride, and equally a standard we set and therefore have to maintain. We own our Mill in Vermont, and that's how we do it. No one ever outsourced anything for quality, and neither do we. Indeed, some things you just have to do yourself if you want it done right.

"Love the lifetime warranty. Gotta say, the socks are tough, reliable, and most of all comfortable. I'm a firefighter and wear these strictly at work. Feet feel fantastic and stay dry all day." — Anthony R.

Fit for Comfort

Knitting the most comfortable, durable, best fitting socks you'll ever own has been our mission since we started the Darn Tough Vermont brand of socks from our family-owned Mill in 2004. The durability gets a lot of notoriety when people talk about our unconditional guarantee, but the fit and comfort of our socks and their ability to maintain that over the course of years, and hundreds of wash cycles, should not be overlooked.

“Life changing socks. No stink, no bunch, dry feet, no hot spots, can find no fault in these socks. At the fire station, on the job, and in the saddle, they work as hard as I do.” – Mark B.

Woman in work zone wearing darn tough merino wool socks the most comfortable socks for work

Choose by Height

Woman wearing quarter ankle socks for work and work shoes

1/4 Socks

Our Quarter Socks for work average 5.5 inches from heel to cuff — expect them to show about 2 inches above a low work shoe, covering the ankle.

Man wearing micro crew workwear socks with steel toe boots

Micro Crew Socks

Our signature Micro Crew height averages 8.5 inches from heel to cuff. They will rise just above the top of a low work boot.

Man wearing work boot socks with work boo

Boot Socks

The most popular Work height, Boot Socks for Work measure about 11 inches from heel to cuff and will rise above a basic 8-inch work boot.

Person wearing mid-calf work socks with a work boot on one foot to show sock height

Mid-Calf Socks

Our Mid-Calf socks average 12 in. from heel to cuff - expect them to rise just above a 12 in. rubber boot.

Woman wearing knee high work socks with work boots

Over the Calf Socks

The height that speaks for itself, these long socks average 17 inches from heel to cuff, covering your leg in most tall rubber boots.

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