Darn It.

Life is tough. Our socks are tougher.

Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life

In 2004, we took a risk. Confident that what we knit was more durable and longer lasting, we made a promise that our socks would last forever.

20 years later, we’re still making good on that promise. If your socks ever rip, tear, or lose their fit, our Lifetime Guarantee will cover it.

And that includes everything.

A dog jumping up to rip a Darn Tough sock out of the owner's hands

Dog disasters

A sock in the middle of a fire, about to get burnt

Campfire catastrophes

A hiker looking shocked as a falcon steal his hiking sock

Natural selection

A collage of images from Darn Tough's history, showing the Mill, Ric, and Marc

20 Years of Tough

We don't knit socks in Vermont because it's easy. When times got tough, we committed to keep manufacturing in our home state.

 Still family owned, our company still knits every pair of socks here in VT. Because Vermont's a good place to make socks, and darn it, it's a great place to wear 'em, too.

"Darn It." Diaries

Tragic tales from the sock-obsessed.
(Don’t worry, new pairs in the mail.)

Heidi taking a selfie of herself with her mulestring

Darn It: Hoofing It

Heidi B.

I pack mule strings to support backcountry trail maintenance crews. One day, one of my mules unexpectedly pulled a shoe. We had 26 miles to go, on a pretty rough trail. I didn’t have any extra shoes or farrier tools with me, as this was a day trip and the string was freshly shod. So to keep her foot from getting injured, I stuffed her sole with moss, formed SAM® splint around it, and fitted her with one of my Darn Tough socks – I figured it would do better in the creeks than duct tape. It did. She got out of the backcountry, was able to complete her task, and her compromised foot was just fine with the protection of moss and wool. Yee haw!

Delfina and her partner on the trail, holding up a sock-clad foot from hiking just in socks

Darn It: Solemates

Delfina G.

My partner and I had a camping trip to Havasupai coming up. All our friends recommended Darn Tough, so we bought 2 pairs. Halfway through the trip, his boots started killing him, and for one of our 6-milers, he wore your socks for the hike. No shoes. You read that right. He wore just your socks to traverse the canyon, cross rivers, climb wet ladders – you name it. I completely understand this is not how the socks were meant to be used, but I wanted to say this: When we got back to the campground, there was not ONE thread out of place. We washed them in the creek and they may as well have been GOOD AS NEW. I am now a Darn Tough ride or die.

Michael getting air-lifted out by a helicopter

Darn It: Merino Miracle

Michael S.

I was scrambling in my favorite pair of Darn Tough socks when I fell about 75 feet. Both of my feet were broken. My right foot was a compound ankle fracture. Your socks held everything together until I arrived at the emergency room approximately 5 hours later. I have no doubt that the sturdiness and resilience of the socks helped stabilize and protect my exposed bone. I know your socks see a lot of action, but my pair were airlifted into a Black Hawk Helicopter and flown to a level 1 trauma center – it was quite an adventure. I'll be off my feet for the next 10 weeks or so, but I know the next sock on my foot is going to be a Darn Tough sock.

A closeup look at Laura's sock, with just a few tiny holes after enduring the elements

Darn It: Buried Treasure

Laura F.

One day last autumn, while I was visiting my boyfriend’s cabin in Vermont, I dropped a hiking sock on the way back from the laundromat. It fell in the gravel driveway, which is at the top of a small mountain and sees traffic from tractors, cars, trucks, and wildlife. It snowed that night, so my sock sat under a blanket of snow and ice all winter. I found it under one of my car tires this spring. The only damage I could find was a few small holes in the ankle. After a wash, you'd never know it sat outside under a busy driveway during a cold Vermont winter. Amazing! Keep up the great manufacturing!

Feet wearing Darn Tough hiking socks, seen through some foliage

When first approached by the “nice Cabot Mills folks” to see if we would bring in their new brand of socks, we put in a small “mercy” order to show our support for this Vermont-based brand. It wasn’t long after when Darn Tough Vermont sales were supporting us.

Kip & Jen Roberts, Onion River Outdoors
Decorative image of pine trees

"Darn Tough treats me like I treat my customers. If you're working with good partners who believe in your vision, you can then take that energy and build amazing things out of it."

Brendan Madigan, Alpenglow Sports

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