Tried & True: Black Socks & You

five examples of black socks from darn tough, on a grey background (of course)

Do your black socks reflect your personality? Should they? Are you brooding, mysterious, and a bit of a rebel? Or do you just think socks should remain the plain and simple workhorses you need them to be? Either way, black sock-lovers, we’re here for you.

We make a lot of socks, in a lot of different colors — including black and gray — and we’ve noticed a pretty sharp divide between our customers who want colorful socks and those who stick to the classics. People always ask for colorful socks, but our top-selling socks are a lot of black or gray. What’s that say about timelessness?

Lovers of black socks are a vocal group, so we decided to bring in some opinions in the form of reviews.

Copy Buzzwords

"Warm, thick, durable, and wonderful! I like the deep black color too since I like my sox to be discreet." — Susan K.

Hey Susan, thanks for your feedback. Warm, thick, and durable are some great qualities for a good sock to have, and we’re glad that ours fit the description.

Person seated on wall with shoes off wearing black socks that are quarter crew height

“Discreet Sox'' sounds like a 90s soap opera — and something we’d definitely watch. It’d probably star Patrick Duffy as a sexy sock salesman based around the greater Tri-State area and follow his tumultuous rise to the top. Who can we reach out to in order to get this made??

The Uniform

"Very versatile. They are the perfect work socks for me. Black matches my uniform and they keep my feet warm in dress shoes for short stretches in temps down to zero. Then, I wear them at home and on errands. So they get lots of use." — Kenneth F.

Person seated on step wearing black socks with gray toes

Hey Kenneth, glad you’re liking your socks for home and running errands, and we’re happy to hear they match your uniform. Have you ever heard of the concept of “the uniform”? It’s when you wear the same outfit every day. Apparently, the idea is, by minimizing your choices, you can spend more time thinking about more important things. Kinda cool.

If that was the case, our black socks would be an excellent choice to go with black jeans, a gray shirt, and black shoes.

Black Like My Heart

"Love. I love these socks. Soft, durable, and black like my hear. Thanks, Darn Tough." — Dakota E.

Dakota, we dig your style — black heart and all. Sometimes it’s the people who put up the most walls who are actually the biggest softies. Not that this is you, but anyone else out there reading this with a black heart … we got you.

Crossed feet showing off pure black socks

Eggscellent Socks

"Superior quality. I have 1/2 dozen of these in white but wanted some in black. Feel so good and they never wear out!" — Steven C.

Hey there Steve! We know you’ve dropped into Darn Tough heavy when you’re talking about your sock quantities by the dozen (we do that, too). Should we make a 12-pack of socks? Or maybe a baker’s dozen?

Scientifically Speaking...

"Great socks with zero bright ugly colors! Love these socks and color, actually the absence of color being black and no bright colors or accent colors." — Robin K.

Person on picnic blanket, shoes off, showing no show black socks

Hey Robin, it’s funny you mention black as being the absence of color. Scientifically, that’s correct. But in art, black is the presence of all colors. Maybe that means that black socks are actually the most colorful socks we make. Isn’t that a plot-twist? 

Excitement Is a State of Mind

"Just a darn good sock. It's nice to get excited about something as unexciting as a plain black sock. Love these." — Diana P.

Hey Diana, it’s said life’s simple pleasures are sometimes the most rewarding. If it involves cozy socks, we can only imagine they’re gonna be even more rewarding. Basically, what we’re trying to say is, if plain black socks are doing it for you, more power to you — and to anyone else who appreciates a great pair of socks.

Person in fatigues and combat boots wearing merino wool black socks

After reading through many of these reviews, it’s apparent for some of you, black socks DO reflect your personality. Whether you have a black heart, wear a uniform or just appreciate the absence — or total presence — of color, we have your feet and personality covered.

And if you’re into colorful socks, we have those too. (Everyone who only likes black socks suddenly just stopped reading, but it’s alright, we still love ya.)

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