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Are Running Socks Worth It? According to Reddit
Buckle up buttercup, and put on your fanciest detective hats (or socks, in this case). We're diving headfirst into the Reddit rabbit hole, armed with nothing but a fresh pair of Darn Toughs and an age-old enigma that haunts runners more than Boston’s Heartbreak Hill: Are running socks worth it?
Give Your Feet the Best Summer Ever — by Running in Merino Wool Socks.
If you’re a runner, then your dream summer is likely full of races, training plans, bucket list routes, or adventure runs. But let’s be honest — those plans are probably decided by your brain. What about your feet? When was the last time you asked them about their perfect summer?
How & Why to Keep Running in Winter
As the temperature drops and snowflakes start to fall, many runners retreat indoors and switch to treadmill workouts for the colder months. However, with the right knowledge and preparation, winter running can be an exciting experience with unique benefits that keeps your fitness routine thriving.
Should Running Socks Be Thick Or Thin?
Should running socks be thick or thin? We’ll lay out the pros for each, but the biggest factor is personal preference. What might work for one person might not work for another.
Why You Should Wear Padded Socks for Extreme Sports

In the state of Vermont, we love our extreme sports. It’s a special thing when you can find different ways to make the mountains your playground. But though these sports are fun, we often come home with bruised and battered legs, especially from the knee down. This is where padded socks come in.

How to Choose the Right Running Socks
In this post, we’re going to cover how you should go about choosing the right pair of running socks. We’ll discuss the importance of running socks, what key features to look for, and what about Darn Tough Running socks make them the gold standard for every runner, from beginner level to elite professional.
The Rut: A Celebration of Trail Running

In 2013, The Rut Mountain Runs started off as a 50k and 12k race. We connected with Mike Foote, event organizer for the Rut, to learn more about his passion for trail running and what it takes to pull off one of the largest trail running festivals in North America.

An Anti-Love Letter to Running
Consider this the opposite of a love letter to running. These are the thoughts that have occupied my mind and facts I’ve gathered about running (and runners), that make it the worst.
What Sheep Taught Us About Running in Merino Socks
Don’t sleep on sheep. From the fleece that provides our Merino Wool to the extremes they thrive in, these animals themselves are an inspiration. They’ve been running around some of the most rugged places on the planet, in some of the most unforgiving weather conditions, for thousands of years.
7 Remarkably Helpful Tips on How to Start Running
Whatever your reasons to get started running, the most important thing is that you enjoy the journey. And we mean that literally — if you’re going to keep running, you should like the actual experience between points A and B as much as you like getting to the finish line.
Running the Vermont 100: Fun Until It Wasn't
I rolled through the mile 21 aid station where my first drop bag was located. I changed to a dry shirt and hat, refilled my gel cache, and started down the hill out of the crowd. I was already clicking off a great pace and felt outstanding.
How I Found the Right Mountain Bike Socks
My name is Brandon Sauer, and I am the Digital Project Producer at Darn Tough. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, gravel biking, and hiking in the beautiful state of Vermont. From Cotton to Merino At first, I always associated wool as a material you would wear when you wanted to stay warm. Typically, I thought o
To Dig Is to Ride: Trail Night with Bicycle Express Racing & WATA VT
In my opinion, the best biking on the East Coast is in Vermont. The best biking in Vermont is at Perry Hill. Bicycle Express Racing, WATA VT, and Darn Tough banded together to remediate an eroded climbing trail that took riders to the progression focused trails of S'mores and Campfire.
Ring Das Bell: Running the Broken Arrow Skyrace

For a race that only started in 2016, Broken Arrow has grown to become one of the best trail races in America. Specifically, it boasts a deep field of elite runners vying for spots on team USA and a large prize purse. The marquee events include a vertical kilometer (VK), 52k and 26k. I’ll be running the VK and the 26k.

The Mirnavator Comes to Vermont: Q&A with Ultra Runner Mirna Valerio
Ultra-runner, public speaker, mother, force of nature – Mirna Valerio inspires us. If you haven’t heard her story, check it out. We were pumped when she moved to Vermont a few years back and decided to get her thoughts on...
To Be Prepared: An Ultrarunner's Journey with Darn Tough

There are so many variables and systems that ultramarathon runners need to consider as they progress to harder challenges. These take years to experiment and perfect. To know that any one of these complicated systems will just go right, every time is an ace in the hole. And my socks are on lock, baby.

Choosing the Right Running Socks
Hey, what's up? I'm Josh Ferenc coming at you from Vermont, talking to you about how to choose running socks. Running socks are going to make a huge difference.
Get Fit at Home with Robert Killian
We asked Robert Killian, two time world athlete and world-renowned Spartan racer, to give us some tips and tricks on how he stays fit at home with his gear (including Darn Tough socks, of course).
4 Features That Make the Element Our Best Athletic Socks Yet
The Element socks have the Darn Tough comfort, durability, and fit wrapped around key features that stand the test of time. Basically, we wanted a fitness sock you'd want to wear all the time, and one that you could.