A sock knit to help our community, 100 percent.

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Pairs well with a puffy vest and some baseball cards for the spokes. Ready for a lifetime of memories.
From pines to alpine, the Treeline micro crew is a trail staple hike sock designed to pound out elevation and distance.

One Family. One Mill. One Mission.

For almost 40 years our family has been knitting socks in Northfield, Vermont. We know how to make socks. It’s what we do. We’re dedicated to creating the world’s best socks, and prove it by standing behind them unconditionally.

Socks We're Wearing

Folktale Crew Light

Jen, Direct to Consumer Fulfillment Supervisor

Hunter Over-the-Calf Extra Cushion

David, Knitting Room Lead

Steely Boot Sock Cushion w/ Full Cushion Toe

Owen, Product Line Manager

We Can't Make This Stuff Up

  • “Yesterday while riding my bike to work, i had mechanical trouble with my bike. I was still 5 miles from work, but i need to get there. I was wearing bicycle shoes at the time, and I cannot run in those. So i took them off and ran in a pair of darn tough socks. I ran 5 miles from Cutler Corner in Barre Town, VT to City Place in Barre. To my utter amazement, those socks are still in tack. Happy Friday.”
    Dave K
  • “Just wanted you all to know at Darn Tough that you make the best socks I have ever worn. I am on my feet all night bartending and your socks never let me down. I made the official switch from !@#$%^&*(! to Darn tough forever! Thank you for designing such a high quality, built to last product! No more blowouts in the toe for me! I wear your socks to work, on my days off, and hiking through the woods and even the canyons of AZ—Thank You!”
  • “I got tired several years ago from relatives and in-laws purchasing crap I don't need and giving it to me for Christmas. I tried telling them to contribute to a charity of their choice...Didn't work, much drama... Finally, I thought (in an ironic twist) I would ask for socks. But, why not expensive socks, thought I? Well, the jokes on me. These socks, (if socks can be called blissful), are freakin' blissful! I love these socks!”
    Don H
  • “I work in the construction field where I’m on my feet for most of the day, which in turn is very demanding on my clothing. I picked up up a dozen or so pairs of the Darn Tough Light Hiker and Boot Sock Cushion and immediately found the socks extremely comfortable. I wanted to see how well the socks would hold up and have been very happy with the overall fit and feel after numerous washing... Thanks for a great American Made Product!”
  • “I am an electrical lineman and having comfortable footwear is essential to do my job. I have tried all kinds of wool socks and because of cost yours were last, regretfully! I now have four pairs and I wear them almost exclusively. They are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, even in the Georgia summer heat. Thanks again for this fine American product!”
  • “I am writing because I have been so impressed with your sock, I choose not to wear any other socks again. The price was steep for me but I needed good socks while working on a wild land fire crew. We would be out for weeks at a time and when it comes to my feet I was willing to pay extra… Well, I have had the socks now for about four years and wear them every day rotating about 7 pairs. I have yet to get a hole and they still breath and are very comfortable.”
  • “Last weekend, I fell through the ice on the shoreline of Lake Michigan and had to limp into Chicago as 30 mph wind chills froze my pants solid. At serious risk of frostbite, I busted into the nearest coffee shop and changed and dried off. The skin on my legs was numb and red - but my feet were perfectly fine. Darn Tough socks had insulated them so well. I just wanted to say thank you! Without your socks, I might have less toes.”
  • “I am a Dairy Farmer in WI and have tried every type of sock anyone has ever told me would keep my feet warm, to no success. I have never found that sock till now, Darn Tough, socks I will never be without again. Thank you for the warm feet I have been looking to find for the last 30 years.”
  • “I used to think the best thing about Vermont was Bernie Sanders. But now I have your John Henry Boot socks. My feet have not felt this good since I was twenty. The fifty years since then have been a long long time. Please thank everyone at Darn Tough for me. What you make, makes the world a better place for everyone with feet. I love your socks... Bernie is a national treasure, but he never made my feet feel like this.”
  • “I have drunk the cool-aid and there is no coming back. Never again shall anything but pure merino wool assembled by the craftsmen/women of Darn Tough grace my feet. I was a missionary for my church for two years in South America. On a typical day I would spend 9-12 hours on my feet walking. Our feet would take a beating and I developed all sorts of foot funk (literally was diagnosed with three separate foot diseases). After that experience, I was on a quest to find a high-performance sock that would keep my dogs from barking. Through an act of divine intervention, I stumbled upon Darn Tough. I bought two pairs of their #1466 socks and my life has never been the same. It is now the only sock I wear, whether at work, hiking in the woods, skiing the back country, or traveling abroad. On top of making the best sock I've ever worn; they also have some of the best customer service ever. My mission now is to spread the good word of these socks and let others partake in the joy I now have.”