Which Animal Socks Match Your Personality?

Two people having drinks in Darn Tough animal socks

Here at Darn Tough Vermont, we believe one of the best ways to show off your personality is through your socks. With so many unique styles, patterns, and designs of socks, you have many opportunities to share your personality.

You can really learn a lot about someone by looking at their socks. Socks help you showcase your favorite color, animal, sport, fabric, and more. Who knew socks could be so expressive? (We did.)

We put together a list to help you find animal socks that align with your personality. Whether you’re the type of person who likes farm animals, owl socks, or bear socks, there is a sock on this list for you. 

Bear Socks

Two people sitting on a rock in Darn Tough Bear Socks

  • You’re playful and love spending time with others.
  • You don’t like to be woken from your sleep.
  • You’re very protective of those around you.
  • People should stay away from you when you get hungry.

Tough yet soft like a bear, we have plenty of options for bear socks. Now bear in mind, these socks might look ferocious on the outside, but inside they’re nothing but soft and cuddly. And unlike bears, what we knit isn’t known to gnaw at your toes, or your food bag dangling from a tree branch for that matter.

The most popular bear socks we knit? The Women’s Bear Town, Women's Wild Life in Forest, and the Men’s VanGrizzle.

Partial to polar bear socks? Try the Women's Due North.

Panda Socks

Woman putting roller skates over Darn Tough Panda Socks

  • You can be shy around new people.
  • Once you get comfortable, you’re not afraid to be weird because normal is too boring.
  • You love a good nap…
  • …but when you have the energy you’re climbing anything in sight.

If you’re a bit shy, like to lounge around, eat food, and go on the occasional adventure — the Women’s Animal Haus Socks in Lagoon are for you.

Moose Socks

Person in Willoughby Micro Crew Socks tying their shoes

  • You’re much faster than people realize.
  • Your prized possession is your hairdo, and you only get it cut once a year.
  • You’re a great swimmer.

Moose are massive animals, but don’t be fooled by their size; it is said that calves can outrun humans by the time they are 5 days old! If you’re lucky enough to see a moose in the mountains of Vermont, be sure to keep your distance, otherwise you’ll be playing an unprompted game of Duck Duck Moose.

All jokes aside, if you can relate, check out our Duck Duck Moose Socks, Willoughby Socks in Taupe and Wild Life Socks in Storm.

Penguin Socks

Person laying on a couch in Darn Tough Penguin Socks

  • You prefer winter over summer and live for cold weather.
  • You’re very social and stay close to the ones you love.
  • You can always find a way to keep yourself entertained.
  • Sock sliding races are your jam.

Penguins are curious and social creatures that are experts of play. They may not be able to fly, but they sure know how to glide, making them natural-born skiers.

If this sounds like you, check out the Women’s Penguin Peak Snow Socks or the Kids' Skipper Snow Socks.

Chicken Socks

Person gardening in Darn Tough chicken socks

  • You’re not afraid to express your feelings.
  • You like to be loud and don’t care what people think.
  • You love to dance.

If you’re like Marty McFly, you don’t tolerate people calling you, or your family, a chicken. Unless they’re on your feet, of course.

If you’re not afraid to speak your mind and strut your stuff no matter the pecking order, check out the Men’s Animal Haus in Willow, Barnyard Crew and Men’s Strut Crew.

Dog Socks

Person in Darn Tough dog socks on a couch with a dog

  • You love to be friends with everyone you meet.
  • You spend a lot of time in the garden.
  • You always have a ton of energy.
  • You’re not afraid to be goofy.

Dogs were a man’s best friend until Darn Tough socks came along… now they’re a close second. Check out our Women’s Animal Haus Socks in Herb for socks with a dog pushing a wheelbarrow, or our Women's Critter Club in Bark for backpacking husky socks.

Cat Socks

Person standing in Darn Tough cat socks

  • You act independent, but secretly love to be around others.
  • You end up in weird situations, but always manage to land on your feet.
  • You’re much tougher than you look.

Cats are notorious instigators who enjoy swiping cups of water off the countertop for fun. Which is harmless, until you step in it. But if you’re wearing our socks, you can at least be confident that your feet will stay dry when/if you do.

For those who walk to your own beat and don’t care what anyone says, we suggest the Women’s Animal Haus Crew in Buttercup.

Fox Socks

Person hiking in Darn Tough fox socks

  • You’re much smarter than people realize.
  • You always find a way to do the impossible.
  • You go for what you want even when people tell you you can’t.

We thought quick brown foxes jumped over lazy dogs all day… turns out they were eating our mushrooms, too – at least that's what we determined from the design on our Women’s Critter Club in Vapor.

Share your passion and determination with a pair of fox socks and check out styles like the Women’s Animal Haus Crew in Eclipse. If you’re the type of person to find a way no matter what people say, fox socks are the ones for you.

Raccoon Socks

Person sitting in Darn Tough raccoon socks

  • You’re crafty.
  • You can make a meal no matter what’s in the fridge.
  • You prefer to stay up late and sleep late.
  • You’re willing to do the work nobody else wants to do and you’re rewarded for it.

Raccoons are curious and resourceful. They’re always willing to ask the questions nobody thinks of and do the work that nobody wants to, but they are rewarded highly for it.

Are you courageous and willing to go where people haven’t gone before? Check out the new Critter Club Micro Crew in Moss.

Owl Socks

Person putting shoes on over Darn Tough owl socks

  • You’re a night owl. (You saw that coming)
  • You’re very intelligent and like to think logically.
  • You’re very organized and love to plan.

Owls are organized problem solvers who aren’t afraid to stay up a little bit late to get the job done or even just ponder the meaning of life. If you’re philosophical and like to stay up late, the Women’s Critter Club in Teal sounds like the perfect sock for you.

Cow Socks

Person sitting on stairs in Darn Tough cow socks

  • You make your own ice cream and cheese.
  • You’re always telling people how great it is to “touch grass” and spend your down time relaxing in nature.
  • You don’t like it when people try to push you around.

Here in Vermont, there are cows everywhere… and I mean everywhere. Cows have all different personality traits from bold and bossy to friendly and considerate. But for the bovines on our socks, we decided to go with an adventurous and tough Vermont personality.

If you’re tough and adventurous like a Vermont Cow, check out the Kid’s Pow Cow Snow Socks, the Barnyard Crew, or the Men’s Animal Haus Crew in Midnight.

Pig Socks

Person sitting on a pig statue in Darn Tough pig socks

  • You love to get down and dirty.
  • You’ll eat just about anything.
  • You tend to be very lucky and always find cool mushrooms on the trail.

If these traits sound like you, be sure to check out our Men’s Truffle Hog Socks for some extra luck on your next foraging adventure. If you feel like giving back, check out our Knit-to-Give Barnyard Crew Socks.

Tortoise Socks

People running in Darn Tough tortoise socks
  • You like to move at your own pace.
  • You’re very wise.
  • You always find a way to work smarter, not harder.
  • Your trail name is ‘Vertical Turtle,’ which is both insulting and flattering.

If you’re wise, like to keep your own pace and don’t care how fast anyone else wants you to go, it sounds like tortoise socks might be your speed. Show off your wisdom with the Men’s Pacer or Women’s Pacer Running Socks.

Bunny Socks

Person's feet hanging in Darn Tough bunny socks

  • You can be shy around others, but once you get close you’re very affectionate.
  • You love to be silly and run around outside.
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed to stay silly for life.

Bunnies and rabbits are known for being shy, playful, affectionate and often silly. We made a pair of socks to portray this as closely as possible.

Our rabbit socks feature a bunny blowing a bubble with gum. Stay silly and show it off with the Kid’s Bubble Bunny Jr. Micro Crew.

Otter Socks

Person pulling up Darn Tough otter socks

  • You don’t go anywhere without your crew.
  • You love swimming, especially in lakes and rivers.
  • You’re extremely adaptable and can always go with the flow.

Otters are playful, silly, and social. They are high energy, adventurous, and play in packs, but once that energy burns out they love their relaxation time. America’s most industrious animal, the otter is a staple of Vermont wildlife and a reminder that hard work is dam well worth the reward.

Check out the Men’s Animal Haus in Forest, which perfectly portrays the silly personality of an otter.

Gorilla Socks

Person sitting on a stool in Darn Tough gorilla socks

  • You love eating bananas.
  • Your favorite place to hang out is somewhere with a lot of trees.
  • You’re a gentle giant with a soft side.

Gorillas are social animals who are curious and love adventure. Though they can be seen as big and dangerous, they also have a soft side where they are gentle and affectionate. They are friendly until threatened, so don’t cross them.

Check out our Men’s Wild Life Crew gorilla socks with a gorilla eating a banana in a banana shaped hammock!

Unicorn Socks

Person sitting down in Darn Tough unicorn socks

  • You’re a one of a kind person who enjoys the brighter things in life.
  • You’re not afraid to wear lots of different colors.
  • You’re better than anyone at playing hide and seek.

Are you just a little too good to be true? Do you enjoy wearing bright colors and unique patterns? If people describe you as “mythical” Unicorn socks are the perfect fit.

We wanted to add a little more “magic” to our line so we made these. The Kids' Magic Mountain socks are perfect if you... well... want to bring some magic to the mountain!

About the Author

Michael Seigies, our Digital Marketing Intern, grew up in the suburbs of New York, but found the mountains and never looked back. When he's not working, he spends his time hiking, snowboarding, and rock climbing in the Green Mountains of Vermont.