2023: A Year in Review

2023 by the numbers infographic calling out giving Darn Tough participated in

The year 2023 brought us highs, lows, and everything in between. As a business and as a family, we were able to do so much good – together. Our values are at the core of everything we do and every decision we make. And I’m proud to say that in 2023 we leaned in even harder to taking care of our communities and each other.

Over $150K to Keep Vermont Strong

Darn Tough Vermont Strong socks being made at the Mill

In mid-July, catastrophic flooding impacted much of Vermont. With over 9 inches of rain falling within a few short hours, Vermonters needed support – and quickly. Because we are the Mill, we were able to move quickly in two ways:

  1. We hosted a two-day giving event where all proceeds from www.darntough.com went directly to the Vermont Community Foundation. Through this event, you helped us give over $150,000 to Vermonters who were impacted by the floods.
  2. We partnered with the State of Vermont to provide a custom sock in combination with the limited-edition Vermont Strong license plate they launched. All profits also went directly to the Vermont Community Foundation.

1.5 Million Meals & Counting

A Vermont Foodbank truck transporting food to those who need it

The Vermont Foodbank has become a huge part of our Darn Tough family. Food insecurity is on the rise around the country, and Vermont is a part of that number.

Through the combination of our Knit to Give sock line and our annual Giving Tuesday site-wide event, we have reached a massive milestone. We have officially donated 1.5 million meals to the Vermont Foodbank — 19,000 meals coming from 2023 alone. That is DOUBLE the population of our brave little state.

8,500 More Socks on Feet

A Darn Tough employee giving out free socks to hikers

We do socks better than anyone else, and we are dedicated to putting socks on feet that need them. Every year we receive requests from schools, outdoor recreation programs, natural disaster relief organizations, etc.

Although we wish we could support every request that comes in, we simply can’t. But this year, we were able to ship over 8,500 pairs to those in need. We’re proud to support programs that align with our values, like the Department of Children and Families and Veteran’s Place.

800 Hours to Our Community

Two Darn Tough employees picking up trash and litter

Each member of the Darn Tough family is allotted 12 hours (paid) of volunteer time – up from 8 hours in years past. These hours enable us to actively support the community that so staunchly supports us.

This year, we had family members volunteer in so many ways, resulting in a total of over 800 volunteer hours.

New Life to 79,000 lbs. of Fiber

Closeup of merino wool fibers

Sustainability, both environmental and community, are top of mind; we are always looking for ways to upcycle and downcycle.

This year, we recycled over 79,000 pounds of fibers, keeping them from going to waste. The recycled fibers are being turned into emergency blankets and other items.

Part of 7 Love Stories

A couple getting married while wearing Darn Tough socks

Okay, getting snail mail (not junk mail) is still one of the simple pleasures in life. Tell me I’m wrong. What’s better than a simple piece of snail mail, is when somebody shares their love story with you and invites you to the wedding celebration.

This year, we had seven couples from across the country invite us to their special day. Although we haven’t been able to attend in person, we plan to cash in some of these invites in 2024.

328 Warranty Letters

A warranty claim with a note from the sender, a sketch of them in their socks

Our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee is the cornerstone of our brand. Not only do we receive thousands of well-loved socks, we often receive love letters along with those socks. Post-it notes. Handmade crafts. United States Military Coins. We get it all – and we love it all.

This year, we received 328 letters expressing gratitude for our brand. If we could, we would write a letter back with gratitude to each of you for taking our socks out for your adventures.

Here's to 2023!

2023 was a great year and a difficult year. We are so thankful for each of you, our extended family and those family members right here at our three facilities in Vermont. We are stoked to share 2024 with you.

Did you know we’re turning 20 next year? More on that coming soon...

About the Author

Courtney is the Brand and Community Marketing Manager at Darn Tough Vermont. She’s been with the company since 2015 and has worked in every building that we have as we continue to grow and move into new facilities. When she’s not on the clock, you’ll find her with her husband, their two kids and their dog… likely wearing a pair of cushioned crew height socks.