Arming Our Forces with Merino Wool Socks

Person in combat fatigues pulling on tan darn tough tactical socks

Our Tactical socks are widely considered the best socks for military use. Moisture-wicking, durable, breathable, and thermoregulating, Darn Tough socks are first on foot for a reason and always your first line of defense. They help prevent blisters, thwart hotspots, and are the first – and best – choice for military and government personnel.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from our nation’s finest, from those who have served and who currently serve, why they recommend our Merino Wool socks for when the going gets tough. We put the word out and heard back from a few brave men to help validate these claims. And these are their stories.

Tom C. — US Navy & US Army

How did you first hear about Darn Tough?

While I was getting prepped for Ranger School in 2016 my buddy encouraged all of us to buy a few pairs. He had gone through Ranger School shortly before us, and he was adamant that Darn Tough socks were a must-have.

What makes Darn Tough socks so durable?

I bought my first few pairs of Darn Tough socks back in 2016 and I still have most of them today. It didn’t matter if I was training the swamps of Louisiana, the frigid cold of upstate New York, or the blistering heat of East Africa, these socks held up and saved me from a world of hurt.

Somehow, despite me having gone through possibly a dozen boots in the same period, my Darn Tough socks have held up and are just as comfortable as they were on day one.

What is the importance of proper foot health in the military?

The importance of foot health cannot be overstated. Whether you’re onboard a ship or trekking through the woods, you’re on your feet all the time. And no matter how tough you are, the environmental factors we are routinely exposed to can cause permanent injury if not taken seriously.

Combat boots are often water absorbent and take forever to dry, especially if you’re operating in a wet environment. If you neglect to take care of your feet, at best you can expect blisters, but often the result is far more serious and can lead to long-term issues.

Serviceman wearing black socks pulling on combat boots

Max A. — US Army, Instructor/Infantryman

How did you first hear about Darn Tough?

I first heard about Darn Tough a few years into serving. Operating in the mountains of Vermont in all seasons requires precise layering and high-quality garments that stand up against the elements and the Army. Fox River and Darn Tough were the only two socks that leadership recommended. I used to always purchase Fox River, but once I started buying Darn Tough, I never looked for anything else.

What makes Darn Tough socks so durable?

I think the material and build quality is on point for military and tactical use. I’ve never had a pair look anything less than new and I’ve put them all through the ringer. I appreciate the varying types and thicknesses that cover a myriad of operational needs.

What is the importance of proper foot health in the military?

Your feet are your life in the infantry/mountains, and without them you are not only useless, but a liability to your team. Foot care has been paramount since the earliest of conflicts and that is due to the extreme importance healthy feet have in mission success. You simply cannot win without mobility, and I’m sure we can all see the importance good socks play in that fight.

Serviceperson tying their shoe laces

Andrew C. — US Army, Served in Afghanistan

How did you first hear about Darn Tough?

I was getting ready for Ranger School and a couple buddies who had just come back swore by their Darn Tough socks.  I went out and bought four pairs and they were the only socks I wore throughout the entire course. And still today, I’m always seeing people post about Darn Tough on the Ranger School Facebook page… “DO NOT cheap out on socks. Get Darn Tough and they will save your feet.”

What makes Darn Tough socks so durable?

Darn Tough socks are feet savers. I’ve never had a hotspot or gotten a blister while wearing these, and that includes rucking 10-20 miles with a heavy load. They hold up mile after mile, wash after wash, and are worth the price because they really work. They dry quickly and allow you to carry less pairs of socks to save weight on multi-day missions.

Every ounce counts. When you can pack less socks because your Darn Tough’s are that resilient, it really makes all the difference.

What is the importance of proper foot health in the military?

Everything I did in the Army, being in the light infantry, is all about moving on your feet.  Foot patrols, rucking, moving to an objective – your feet are your greatest weapon. From day one in the Army, the importance of proper foot care is drilled into our heads, and Darn Tough is always recommended as the first – and the best – choice.

Thank You for Your Service

We talk a lot about socks. But it’s the people who wear them – who use them to endure some of the harshest environments on earth – that remind us why it’s so important. For some, it’s a matter of survival. For others, it’s about confidence and finding the courage to go that extra mile. Either way, if you’re out there, just know that we’re with you.

There’s no denying the importance of proper foot health. But for our men and women who serve, it’s especially important. We support our brothers and sisters in arms by giving them artillery for their feet. And we’re proud to do it. If you or someone you know has served and wants to share an experience about wearing Darn Tough socks, please don’t hesitate to contact us.