Second Opinions Regarding Our Number 2 Sock

A hiker crouched on a rock wearing the Number 2 Hiking Sock with a rocket outhouse on it

We could talk all day long about how great our socks are. And trust us, we do.

We shout from the mountain tops, swing from the rafters, and go on Twitter rants about their comfort and lasting durability. We won’t shut up about how Merino Wool is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, how they’re still made in Vermont, or stop bragging about our unconditional lifetime guarantee. All that. Don’t get us started—because we’ve turned many a family dinner into a long diatribe on the merits of good socks. (Sorry mom.)

All that aside, our opinion doesn’t really mean much without the backing of our dedicated customers who put socks like the Number 2 Hiking Sock through its paces. Customers who have shared the love and spread the word. Customers who have taken our socks over thousands of miles of trails and through long shifts at work. And customers who share their feedback and reviews on our site.

So, let’s take some time to acknowledge some of our favorite second opinions, written by some of our favorite happy customers.

2nd Opinions

“These were my first pair of socks that took me down the road to no cotton socks” — Thomas B.

We’re glad to hear these socks were the Merino Wool gateway hug you needed to start down a road to a better, more comfortable you. If you or someone you know still hasn’t discovered the magic of year-round wool socks, we can offer support.

Two hikers seated on rocks both wearing merino wool number 2 hiking socks

“If a moly was holy this would be it. Get yourself a pair. Treat urself!” — Ayaka A.

Not sure where to start with this one, but pretty sure we agree. We are definitely fans of treating ourselves, especially when it comes to socks — or any comfy clothes to be honest. Also, did the phrase start as “holy moly” and evolve to “holy guacamole,” or was it the other way around?

Hiker pointing into the distance while wearing number 2 socks

“My husband LOVES his socks! He is a huge fan of Darn Tough socks, and as a former Vermonter I love that they are a local New England company. The quality is beyond comparison. He has mentioned multiple times how comfy and warm they are since unwrapping them for Christmas. We both love this fun design which is very fitting for him as a Trekkie. The wee rocket ship hiding beneath his trouser leg helps propel him through his work day.” — Lucy R.

Hello, former Vemonter! We love that we’re a local New England company, too. Northfield, Vermont, specifically. Right down the street from Good Measure Brewing (shameless plug, we love those guys). Anyway, Lucy, great move on getting your husband socks for Christmas, but should we tell him that’s not an ordinary rocket ship or let him find out on his own?

Close up of a foot wearing the number 2 rocket ship outhouse socks and climbing a rock slab

“Thoroughly happy with my pair of socks. They're soft, great amount of padding, and are noticeably moisture wicking. Highly recommend!” - Matheus T.

Matheus LITERALLY said everything we were going to say. Does that make us best friends? We hope so. Quick — what’s your favorite breakfast meat? Bacon? Us too.

Feet standing on tree trunk wearing the number 2 socks in blue and red

“So far so good! Didn't think there would be a difference between cheap and more expensive socks but there is!” — George H.

No one ever thinks there’ll be a difference — but there is. A big, comfortable difference that doesn’t result in holes in your heels. Life’s already expensive, but if you’re gonna splurge on something that’ll pay off in the long run, socks seem like a pretty solid choice.

Man hanging a bunch of hiking socks out to dry on the laundry line, including the number 2 sock

“These socks are just another in a long line of Darn Tough socks! The rocketing outhouse cracks me up. I love them and welcome other zany cartoons in the future.” — Jacob D.

Jacob, we appreciate your humor and the fact you so effortlessly used “zany” in a sentence. Also, we hear you loud and clear. What other kinds of cartoons should we do in the future? A scary zombie? Maybe some kind of eagle or a cool wolf? Please let us know, because we’re game.

Closeup look at the Number 2 outhouse design on these merino wool hiking socks

“As expected. Thanks” — James H.

We understand people like James. Straight to the point, no fuss. Good day, sir.

Best Hike Sock, voted by Men’s Health

Not only do all of those reviewers (and hundreds of other reviewers) all agree the Number 2 Hiking Socks are up for the job, but the fine folks at Men’s Health do, too. They named the Number 2 Hiking Sock the Best Hiking Sock during their Men’s Health Outdoor Awards.

Not too shabby if you ask us. If you can’t take our word for it, the word of hundreds of reviewers, or the word of Men’s Health, who can you trust?

And if the rocket ship outhouse isn't your style, we knit equally great men's wool hiking socks in other patterns, too. 

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