What Your Socks Say About You

What Your Socks Say About You Infographic showing 6 different socks and describing the people who'd wear them

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Pretty sure your socks are worth double that. We all make choices in life, and maybe we’re biased, but we think your sock choices speak volumes.

Our Product Design team knows their stuff, and every sock design – from adorable animal socks to straight-laced black socks — is developed with specific personalities in mind. Each design gets worked, re-worked, test knit in a variety of colors, and then more colors, until they’ve narrowed it down to the perfect picks. Cause socks shouldn’t just be comfortable, durable, and great-fitting (though we 100% believe they should be) — they should look good, too.

So strut your stuff with socks designed to reflect your personal tastes. If you asked us to make a (well-educated) guess, here’s some socks and personalities that are matches knit in heaven. And if you know that person… consider these free sock gift ideas.

Micro Crew Hiker

The micro crew hiker sock as a character, carrying trekking poles and wearing a headlamp

A classic hiking sock and year-round best seller. If you choose the 1466 Hiker Micro Crew, you know how to appreciate the classics and pack the essentials. Chances are this was your first Darn Tough sock, and with the unrivaled durability knit into the sole, it could very well be your last.

These May Sound Like You:

  • You always carry three water filters and two headlamps
  • You tell people how much you love hiking even though they never asked
  • You know a thru hiker and think you can speak on their behalf
  • GORP makes up 85% of your diet

Critter Club

The Critter Club hiking sock as a character, wearing a backpack and looking excited

We’ve been on an animal sock kick for a while now, and it turns out some of you have, too. Who can blame us? If you’re wearing the Critter Club lightweight hiking sock, you know how to have fun, from the trail to game night. Solid odds, you’re the life of the party.

These May Sound Like You:

  • Your backpack is likely bigger than you are
  • You live for the moment people ask about your socks
  • You’re friendly first but fierce when tackling big hikes
  • Five minutes into hiking, and you’re already posting on social

Knit to Give

A Knit to Give sock as a character wearing a beanie and carrying a paperbag of groceries

We don’t pick favorites, but if we did… we hold a special place in our hearts for you who choose to purchase our Knit to Give socks, from the Preserve to the Honeybee sock. Thank you for choosing to support our Vermont community with a purchase that puts meals in the hands of those who need them.

See you at the farmer’s market next week? We need to wrap up that debate on dill vs bread and butter pickles.

These May Sound Like You:

  • You likely shop at the local co-op and always round up
  • Forgot a reusable bag? Good thing you’ve got like 20 in your car
  • You live for the farmer’s market and know every vendor by name
  • You can pickle that


The Stride sock as a character, wearing running gear and jamming to tunes

Bless you and your motivation. Some of us struggle to get up in the morning, but you had the Stride Micro Crew socks on before sunrise for a pre-work 5K. We respect that, especially those of us that have a love-hate relationship with running. Your racing stripes are well earned.

These May Sound Like You:

  • You often run marathons before the sun comes up
  • Race day is your favorite holiday
  • Active recovery for you is running fifteen mile
  • Whatever looks the fastest, that’s the outfit you choose


The Twitterpated sock as a character, carrying a big camera and notebook

Bird watchers and ornithologists, we knit the Twitterpated sock for you, and we couldn’t be happier with how you’ve embraced it. Rock that safari color palette and keep making James Audubon proud.

For the 10% of people who choose this sock, not from a deep love of aves, but because the name is straight out of Disney’s Bambi… you’ve made our content strategist proud.

These May Sound Like You:

  • You interrupt every conversation with, “Look! It’s a hermit thrush!”
  • You wear your binoculars like fine jewelry
  • Safari is not just a color choice, it’s a lifestyle
  • You never go anywhere without your bird identification book

Lightweight Tactical

A lightweight tactical sock as a character, wearing molle and a headset

When The Walking Dead becomes a reality, can we suggest the backwoods of Vermont as the ideal homebase? Remote, wild, dependable… like the T4018 sock, a choice you won’t regret.

You bring the QuikClot®, we’ll pack the Merino Wool. Just wait till those zombies try to trudge through a good ole Nor’Easter while we’re snuggled up in warm clothes eating MREs.

These May Sound Like You:

  • Zombie apocalypse? We’re calling you first
  • You ain’t got time to bleed
  • Likely so camouflaged your friends never know where you are
  • Sir, yes sir

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