Marriage Advice from a Pair of Darn Tough Socks

A bride's and groom's feet, both in Darn Tough Socks

We are so honored when you take the time to send us feedback — whether that's a review, letter, phone call, or message in a bottle. But a wedding invite? Now we're tearing up

So when Nancy from Texas reached out with the wedding toast she wrote for her son and now daughter-in-law, we simply had to get their permission to share this story.

Turns out, her son won the first race he ever ran in Darn Tough socks. And her wedding present to the newlyweds? You guessed it.

So, if you'd all please join us in raising a glass...

A Darn Tough Wedding Toast

Matt and Elizabeth smiling on their wedding day

Trail runners are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you could ever want to meet. They’re an amazing and admirable bunch because their grit, determination, and perseverance are off the charts. They will run in freezing sleet, pounding rain, wet snow, gale-force wind, and 100-degree humid weather…sometimes all in the same day.

Some days they’ll cross the finish line of a 50K, 50-mile, 100K or 100-mile race looking like it was a stroll in the park. Other days they’ll limp across the finish line, totally exhausted, cut up by sotol, and muddy and bleeding from a fall on the trail. Either way, they’re going to sign up for another race and go through all that again to see if they can shave a minute off their finish.

Today we’re going to toast the joining in marriage of two of these hearty souls, Matt and Elizabeth, with 7 pieces of advice from a pair of Darn Tough running socks.

  1. Be Blister-proof. Friction causes pain and misery. It’s best to take care of that friction before it becomes a problem. When something is rubbing the wrong way, talk it out. Now raise your glass and repeat after me. To Matt and Elizabeth. Be Blister-proof.
  2. Be Cushions. As you pace each other through life, a spouse is always there to cushion the fall when the trail gets the better of you, when you twist an ankle with 25 miles to go, or when you don’t win the race lottery to run Hard Rock. To Matt and Elizabeth, Be a Cushion.
  3. Be Lightweight and Breathable. At times life is an uphill climb. Keep your thoughts light and positive and take deep breaths. Just keep moving forward. Things have a way of working out. To Matt and Elizabeth, Be Lightweight and Breathable.
  4. Be Fun and Colorful. You have interests and values you share, but it’s good to have separate interests, too. Keep growing individually as well as together as a couple. And make it a goal to laugh together every single day because life, like running, is to be enjoyed not just endured. To Matt and Elizabeth, Be Fun and Colorful.
  5. Be Supportive. Be supportive of your spouse’s goals, even when it means a GENTLE kick in the butt to move out of the aid station and back onto the course. To Matt and Elizabeth, Be Supportive.
  6. Be Thermo-regulating. Strive for emotional balance in your relationship: not too hot and not too cold. To Matt and Elizabeth, Be Thermo-regulating.
  7. Be Guaranteed for Life. Go into marriage determined to face life’s ups and downs as a couple and your marriage will last a lifetime. You two are Darn Tough. You’ve got this. To Matt and Elizabeth, Guaranteed for Life.


Nancy, we don't have any notes for you. You nailed it.

To Matt and Elizabeth, congratulations! From our Darn Tough family to yours, we wish you a lifetime of happiness. And if you live by Nancy's advice...we're certain you will. 

A couple out hiking in their wedding clothes and Darn Tough socks