The Alternate Stitch

Fun in the Sun with High Fives at the Green Mountain Shred-A-Thon
With the warm air on our faces and soft snow beneath our feet, it was all smiles at the Green Mountain Shred-A-Thon. The day kicked off with the ringing of a cowbell in the base area, symbolizing our commitment to give it our all for the day ahead: Bell-to-Bell.
Becoming High Fives Athlete #110: Q&A with Trevor Kennison
I am proudly High Fives Athlete number 110. I am an athlete because their mission statement IS my life - I suffered a life altering injury doing what I love outdoors. I am proud to be an ambassador for them because it’s a way I can educate and support people that may or may not be going through something similar.
Winter: How I Became a Skier

The apple doesn’t fall far from the frozen apple tree. Does that even work as a metaphor? Because apple trees don’t freeze, right? Ok, well you know what I mean. My mother loves the cold weather.

How to Choose the Right Socks for Skiing and Snowboarding
From boots to helmet, by the time you get on the mountain, it could seem like you’re swimming in gear. You might be wondering; do I need ski socks? Or maybe, what are the best ski socks? Let's dive into it. 
Backcountry Skiing Tips: From Ascent to Après with Michelle Parker

Look at those lift lines! Let’s go backcountry skiing! But wait…there are some things to know before you go. Before you decide to hike up a mountain, there are a few things that can help keep you and others safe and make your adventure more enjoyable.

Take Me to Ski Venture
Ski Venture is a small, member-owned Ski Resort located in West Glenville, New York with no employees and a single rope tow. Read more about this amazing community and how they come together to create a place where people can ski 24/7.
Socks, Hockey, & Celebrating Life
Learn what it means to celebrate life the way Christian does. Christian is a incredible young individual happily living life due to his belief that you are defined by your actions and behavior, not your diagnosis. Read more about what the Darn Tough Sock Toss means to Christian.
Let’s Go: Full Circle with Sit Ski Boss Trevor Kennison
Full Circle is a story about post-traumatic growth after having a spinal cord injury, and it just so happens to be about my experience. In 2014, I broke my back in a snowboarding accident, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. I am now a professional skier.
A Smugglers’ Notch Ski Patroller Talks On-Hill Foot Care

My name is Chris, I'm a Full Senior ski patroller, and this will be my 43rd winter wearing a red jacket with the white cross. Besides a love of skiing, I’ve got some opinions about safety, my socks, and how people can take care of their feet up on the mountain. I might just tell you about my favorite place to ski, also.

Teaching Avalanche Safety & Giving Back: Q&A with Pro Skier Michelle Parker
SAFE AS are one-day clinic teaching intro to avalanche safety. We started it to encourage more women to get the education needed and that quickly developed into a full-on program for everyone. 
Blauvelt's Banks: 2022 Race Recap
Hosting an event at a ski resort in March means the weather can be anything from 50+ degrees and sunny, or a wintery mix of rain and snow… last weekend, we got the latter at Blauvelt’s Banks slalom.
Skiing the Tordrillos: Less About the Snow & More About the People
While socks serve an incredibly important job of keeping my feet warm and able to perform my job, skiing, another must pack item is the crew that you surround yourself with. They have the equally important task of keeping your soul warm.
Banished No More: Ending My Era of Stinky Snowboard Boots
Veteran skiers and riders know it well. That pervasive fragrance wafting from baseboards, radiators, heat ducts, or wherever warm air meets a drying boot liner. Eau du boot: something only a seasoned lover of the mountains might find remotely nostalgic, evidence of a hard day spent on the hill.
Jake Blauvelt on Developing the Backwoods Sock

I thought I knew what it took to make a good snowboard sock, but I had no clue. Luckily all of the designers are amazing and they really helped coach me through what it was going to take to make a great shred sock. I’d say I walked away from the experience feeling grateful that Darn Tough was on my side.

Hometown Hero: Q&A with Professional Snowboarder Jake Blauvelt
Born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont, pro snowboarder Jake Blavulet is our hometown hero, so we asked him some questions so you could get to know Jake like we do.
Pressing Matters - Snowboards, Handmade in VT
Next time you're in VT, check out MTN Local Snowboards. You can pair your VT-made socks with a VT-made board for the perfect run.