T’was the Night of Sock Giving

Socks, coffee, phone, holly, and the book twas the night of sock gifting all together

T’was the night of sock giving, a drink was secured,
With laptop full charge, and the armchair reserved;
There were names on a list, but no presents to match,
So off to Darn Tough with an itch they could scratch.

Family and friends, they always love socks,
Homemade and so cozy, and guaranteed like a rock;
Browsing the choices, all the color and flare,
A glance was then seen, dare we call it a stare.

It was more than just one, set of eyes looking back,
There were 1, 2, and 3, with more in the stack;
Staff from Darn Tough, their personal picks,
For the socks they reach for, when wrapping a gift.

Jesse at the Mill holding her favorite sock gift idea, the Treeline women's hiking sock in blue

Jesse was first, the knitter held the Treeline,
The Blue one reminds her of a favorite pastime;
Camping at Groton, a gorgeous park in Vermont,
With evening skies that leave nothing for want.

Brandon showing his favorite sock Christmas gift - the men's hiker micro crew in oatmeal

Brandon was next, and Oatmeal he carried,
Of the popular Hiker, so much so it’s scary.
He likes them when hunting, between heavy and light,
To the cart I clicked quickly, it was surely just right.

Pam holding up the Bear Town hiking socks in purple and blue, her favorite holiday sock gift idea

A Bear Town was next, in Purple from Pam,
The tenured, stalwart employee, her advice clearly not spam;
The lightweight with cushion, it’s such a great fit;
And as she says with a wink, “It’s got a bear on it.”

From the size charts to filters, I moved with a fury,
Nothing could beat this advice, so helpful in a hurry.
I dove right back in, my list not quite done,
And maybe, just maybe, these picks were too fun.

James holding his holiday gift suggestion, the Hiker in charcoal (get it, coal)

James, too, had a Hiker, this one knit in Charcoal,
I laughed and wondered if a sense of humor was the goal.
Coal in a stocking, the joke is too rich not to yield,
And who else to trust, but one that grew up in Northfield.

Kaitlyn and the sock she recommends for cold feet, the hiker micro crew in denim blue

Settling back in, with cozy comforts to meet,
Kaitlyn suggested a sock, for women with cold feet.
It too was the Hiker, will they not end?
But certain I was, this was money I should spend.

I thought of my list, and wrapping I’d need,
Darn Tough even had that, I clicked with such speed,
With one more to go, holiday spirit took over,
And there was another Brandon, holding a sock near his shoulder.

Brandon holding the number 2 men's hiking sock, his favorite sock to give for the holidays

The Number 2 it is called, but Number One in his heart
A midweight cushion for his pigs, but nearly light as a …
As a … work of art.
All jokes aside, he loves the Micro Crew Height,
To keep his ankles protected and dingle berries sit tight.

Looking up from my screen, I saw the stove needed wood,
And my drink was now empty, and I figured I probably should
Get up and top off, and toss a log on the fire,
Since with my gifting all settled, I could surely retire.

Socks make great gifts, Darn Tough’s known that for years.
Their people live and breathe socks, working with blood, sweat and tears.
But no one get hurt, it’s honestly quite a delight,
They want you to be comfortable, and for all, a comfortable night.

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