Darn tough holiday wrapping paper covered in fun pictures and holiday sayingsDarn tough holiday wrapping paper covered in fun pictures and Christmas sayings

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Socks + Wrapping Paper = Joy

Socks as a gift is easy math. Adding some clever, fun wrapping paper is just smart. No, we don’t wrap it for you.


I purchased these socks for a gift. You can tell the quality and care put into these socks. The recipient of my gift says they are her favorite pair of socks! She will be purchasing more for herself.

Nancy L.

I got my first pair several years ago as a gift. Once I put them on I couldn't take them off, since I loved them so much.

Nathan S.

Can’t go one holiday without giving one pair as a gift!! A gift for life! Just love them, and I will buy again and again!!

Trisha N.

I got a pair of these socks as a gift. Love them so much I only wear these socks now. 10 pairs for casual, 8 pairs for work. I work in telecommunications, on my feet 75% of the day. Best socks I’ve ever owned.

Nick M.

Bought these as a gift for my mom, she loves them. They are by far our favorite socks in the world and we both own several pairs.

Phoebe G.

I love all your socks. Best thing I ever did was try one pair. Now my drawer is full of 20+ pair. They are my go to gift for people who haven’t experienced your wonderful products. Socks for life.

Jared M.

Great gift for an avid hiker. I purchased these socks for my mom and throughout our hike she said, “My feet have NEVER felt this good… WOW, I don’t think I can wear any other types of socks now…"

Megan G.

I received a pair of Darn Tough socks as a gift, and loved them so much that I had to get more. Lovely in a whimsical sort of way, and incredibly comfortable.

Beth B.

Wonderful gift — My husband needed new socks so I got him some to try. He loved them and they help him with his job where he’s on his feet all day. He noticed the difference right away.

Danielle R.

Socks We Gift

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Pam knows what’s up — “there’s a bear on it.” Adorable colorful choices, too.

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Dan grew up in Northfield, wearing the classic 1466 – heavy DTV vibes.

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Get to the Treeline

Jesse loves the moon and trees of the Treeline. Don’t we all. They will too.

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