How to Wrap Socks

Person unpacking nicely wrapped socks and gifts from a Darn Tough tote bag

Tis the season for giving and gift wrap! Darn Tough socks are a great gift for everyone you are shopping for. Are you wondering the how to gift wrap socks? Whether they’re going in a stocking or under the tree, we have all your gift-wrapping needs covered!

A (Brief) History of Gift Wrap

The art of gift wrapping started in ancient China and became a widespread practice in Europe and the United States during the Victorian era. Today holiday gift wraps are readily available and can be purchased in both simple and elegant designs.

But enough with history, let us get into the art of gift-wrapping!

Gift Wrapping Tools

Darn Tough socks, tape, scissors, and a butter knife with wrapping paper

Firstly, let's go over the tools you will need to assist you in becoming a wrapping expert.

You are going to want your wrapping paper of choice, and this is entirely up to you, but in a pinch, even a paper bag will do!

Next, be sure to grab some good Scotch Tape, clear or frosted — both work great.

Lastly, and maybe the most important piece, is a good quality pair of scissors, or surprisingly a butter knife works splendidly (and is oddly satisfying).

How to Gift Wrap Socks

Let's wrap!

1. Find a comfortable area to arrange your gift items and wrapping paper and be sure that you have enough space.

2. Lay your wrapping paper down so that you can easily unroll it, this will ensure that it doesn't fight back while you use it.

A pair of Darn Tough socks laid out on a piece of wrapping paper

3. Unroll the desired amount of paper to accommodate your gift item. Feel free to eyeball this step; if you do not use enough paper the first time, no worries, that can always be reused for another gift! It helps to place your gift on the paper and fold the loose edges over to see if they will cover the socks.

Person folding loose edge of paper over socks to see if it's enough wrapping paper

4. Use your good pair of scissors (or butter knife) to cut the paper. An uneven edge is fine, you can hide that later!

5. Have your Scotch Tape ready nearby and wrap the longer sides of the paper over the gift item. This is where you can hide an uneven edge should you need to by simply folding this side first.

Socks on a cut piece of wrapping paper, folding the long edge over the socks

6. After you have both sides of the paper wrapped over your item, check the edges to be sure they are clean without wrinkles. If they look good, go ahead and secure your paper with a piece of tape.

7. Now for the shorter, or top and bottom sides, you are going to want to fold each corner into the center, creating a triangle. Now all that is left to do is fold those triangles over to where you had previously taped the other sides. Grab a couple more pieces of tape and secure those near the center of the gift item.

Hands making corners with the wrapping papers

Pro Tips: If you have multiple socks to wrap, try putting them into a box; this will assist you in wrapping those all at once. Additionally, wrapping your gift items face down will ensure all your taped edges are hidden on the back of the package. Oh, and don’t forget your handy Darn Tough wrapping paper!

Ribbons, Bows, & More

Showing off a perfectly wrapped pair of socks

Success, the gift is now wrapped! You can embellish with ribbons or bows if you would like to, and do not forget your name tags; you wouldn’t want to mix up anyone’s presents!

Just like with any other activity, the more you wrap, the better you will become at it. Always remember that no matter what your gift wrapping ends up looking like, it’s all in good spirits, and you can always just put it in a bag with some tissue paper.

Thank you for reading and from all of us at Darn Tough, have a happy holidays and merry gift wrapping!

About the Author

Josh Williams has been a customer service rep at Darn Tough for almost two years! He has become a limited edition sock collector during this time and looks forward to new styles. In his spare time, you can find him with his ducks or in an aquarium.