Socks, the Best Gift for That Person Who's Impossible to Shop for

Darn tough socks with bears on them next to Christmas presents, because socks are a great gift

What do you buy someone(s) who is impossible to shop for? Friends or family members who just don’t care what you get them, they just want some smidge of acknowledgement that you’re thinking about them?

Why socks, of course!

Sock Thoughts

Ok, hear me out on this one. How many people think about buying themselves socks? Do they agonize over the quality of the socks they buy? Do they think, "Ohhhh, this is a cute pair…I have to have these!!!" or "What socks are going to go with my outfit today?:

I’m fairly certain that the answer to those questions is an unequivocal, NO.

No. They don’t think about the socks that they mindlessly rummage around in their sock drawer for a pair to slip over their feet. The most they might think about the socks in their hands are, “Do they match?” or “Where’s the other black/brown/blue/white sock?.”

Woman pulling on white shoes over black darn tough socks

If you recognize a friend, family member, or even yourself in those questions, then Darn Tough socks are here to save you! Both in the existential crisis of shopping for that impossible person to shop for AND getting someone (including yourself) a quality product that is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty and will forever change the way they think about socks.

Gifts with a Guarantee

Now you might be asking yourself, “wait whuuuuuuut?” Did she just say Darn Tough socks have an unconditional lifetime warranty?

I cannot tell a lie. They do. Every single pair of Darn Tough socks is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. But wait! What does that MEAN?

Welp folks, it means that, years down the line, when those Darn Tough socks have finally been worn through, either at the heel, toe, the ball of your foot, been snagged one too many times while hiking the Appalachian Trail, you can send them back for a credit to get a new pair (or a replacement pair of your favorite style)!

So yeah, that’s just ONE of several reasons to get that favorite, impossible person to buy for, a pair of Darn Tough socks. What was that? You need more reasons to gift Darn Tough socks? Oh man…here we go.

*rubs hands together eagerly*

More Reasons Darn Tough Socks Are Great Gifts for Everyone

As told by Megan (that's me):

1. These socks are made in Vermont.

Man with feet up on a pillow wearing American flag inspired socks

Darn Tough employs over 400 local people and have just recently opened a sister knitting facility in Waterbury, Vermont, along with our existing Mill in Northfield. You know what that means, right? These socks, backed by their unconditional lifetime warranty, are made right here in the US of A.

2. The variety of styles that are available is amazing.

You have a friend or family member who likes to hunt? No problem! Darn Tough has them covered! They have lightweight, heavyweight, over-the-calf or crew style hunting socks.

What about runners? Yeah, they got that covered too. No shows, micro crew, or over the calf lightweight running socks are what they need!

And don’t get me started on the lifestyle designs for everyday wear! Animal Haus and Farmer’s Market are two of my favorites out of so many funky and seriously fun designs. But the Mystic Stripe designs are my absolute favorite. I love the stripes in the different color schemes.

Woman pulling on the Phat Witch striped socks

And don’t forget the kiddos! They have some cool designs too! Check out the Zebra Canyon or the Ty-Ranger-Saurus Micro Crew. Darn Tough socks are really fun for the whole family.

3. Darn Tough socks are made with Merino Wool.

Merino Wool is soft, resilient, moisture wicking, and odor resistant. (Psst! Cotton socks are none of those things!) Merino Wool will help keep your feet insulated if you’re sitting on a crate in a shack on a pond, ice fishing. At least your feet will be nice and toasty warm because of your Darn Tough socks! I’m not sure I can say the same about the rest of you.

A group of friends outside in the cold winter wearing Darn Tough socks around a fire

But where does Darn Tough get the Merino Wool from, you ask? All over the world. New Zealand, primarily. They have some pretty amazing environmental conditions there that benefit the sheep’s wool in ways we can’t fathom. Which makes their wool, the absolute best material. And Darn Tough only uses the best materials in their socks.

4. The quality of the socks is unparalleled.

And that comes from the thoughtfulness, hard work, and uncompromising position that is taken by the employees who are responsible for getting these socks to the market. Yes, the company is owned by one family, the Cabots. While the Cabots work hard to make sure Darn Tough is a name to be acknowledged in the sock world, they know that they cannot do what they do without the family members (they refer to us employees as family members) who knit, inspect, package, and ship the socks.

Ric Cabot and Marc Cabot at the Mill, socializing with the workers

It’s a team effort to make these socks the best, and Darn Tough works hard to get the right people in the door to work their magic. When someone buys a pair of Darn Tough socks, they are doing their part to support small town USA, while getting the best and most fun made in the USA socks ever worn.

Ric Cabot, Founder & CEO, always says, “We have yet to produce our best sock.” Which is why Darn Tough is always moving the goal line on themselves. They know they can always improve and know not to sit back and rest on the many laurels that have been bestowed upon them by the loyal customer base they have thoughtfully cultivated and thoroughly cherish.

5. Comfort. Coziness.

Two words I never thought to apply to socks. But here we are. Aside from the accolades that Darn Tough has garnered from their enthusiastic fan base, these socks are just ‘darn’ comfortable and cozy.

A person wearing blue darn tough socks, sitting next to a fireplace, looking cozy and comfy

Let’s face it, at the end of a hard day of working, whether you pound the pavement training for a marathon, are hiking some backwoods, or running from meeting to meeting all day long, it’s nice to kick off your shoes/boots/heels and slip into your favorite pair of Darn Tough socks. You might even have a glass of wine, with your Darn Tough covered feet propped up on a footstool in front of the fire.

Or you could have your Darn Tough covered feet crossed at the ankle on the couch while you wind down with your significant other, chatting about your day. Or maybe you’ve got your Darn Tough covered feet gently rubbing your trusty animal companion that is reveling in the gentle massage you’re giving as you tell them your secrets of the day.

Man seated on sofa chair petting his dog wearing darn tough merino wool socks

But don’t take my word for it. Get on the Darn Tough website,, and check out all the designs out for yourself! There's even a Gift Guide. You’re sure to find a pair for that hard-to-shop-for-person, and perhaps yourself as well. After all, don’t you deserve to treat yourself occasionally? Tis the season and all that.

About the Author

Megan Cooley is an avid animal lover and would have a pack of 12 dogs if only her husband would let her. She loves hockey, (GO SHARKS!) and has a voracious appetite when it comes to reading. She’s fluent in humor, sarcasm, and wit, yet people continue to confuse and surprise her. She’s also part of the Darn Tough family.