Off the Cuff Sock Poetry

A Christmas tree made of merino wool yarn cones, set up in the Darn Tough mill at Waterbury

Our Customer Service team has the privilege of hearing your stories firsthand and sharing them with the rest of us. From physical letters to Twitter replies, there’s nothing we like more than hearing from you.

Imagine the holiday cheer Customer Service had the pleasure of spreading when our recent poetry-inspired email sparked some amazing responses from you, including original poems. So, put on a pair of your warmest Merino Wool socks, pour yourself a holiday beverage, and enjoy some of our favorite poem responses, written by you.

From Stephanie in California

Our favorite rhyme: rough with tough.

Two weeks before Christmas
Most presents were bought
All wrapped up and hidden
So they wouldn't be caught.

I needed another
This one would be rough
What would it be?
A pair from Darn Tough!

Once gifts for my sons
included socks and jocks
I could do it again
Alas! No men's Yetis or Fox!

I can't find Big Foot
So I went with a Tree
So many choices
and I want more than I see.

Yes, I did it just now
Clicked here and there
Now more socks are headed
as they fly in the air.

Darn Tough are the greatest
Socks all around
You can't find any greater
and I've looked around.


From Tom in Cleveland

Short, sweet, and expounds on Merino Wool's many benefits. What's not to love?

They're tough, but so comfy,
And hold up so well.
You can wear them for days,
And they don't start to smell!

From Lynne in Vermont

A spin on a classic, with a much appreciated shoutout for a member of our team.

So I sat in my chair, and mom in her cap
was knitting a sock, with a cat in her lap.

She said one for each person, we'll go round the family
for working and playing, hanging out in our jammies!

Now we've flowers and stripes, plus hard-working orange
But, Darn, how to send them down chimneys so far?

Then what to my wondering ear should appear,
but a fabulous employee and eight tiny reindeer.

On Dasher and Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen
Take warmth to my people! Best socks for all mixin'!

From Lance at Darn Tough

Thought we'd close out with one more poem from our in-house poet laureate.

T'was the last moment to order...
...with hopes of timely-delivered socks.
The cart actively loaded, With anything still in stock.

By 3 p.m. Eastern,
That's noon in the West,
We'll do everything possible
So you show up best.

We can't predict weather,
There's no guarantee.
But don't give up hope,
To slide one more under the tree.

And if you can't pull it together,
Or make your choice swift,
There's always a gift card,
That will make a perfectly fine gift.

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season!

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