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5 Movie-Inspired Grand Gestures to Show Mom You Care

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on 90s movies and TV sitcoms. With that in mind, one thing I know to be true is that a grand, over-the-top gesture is a sure-fire way to show your love and appreciation. So, here are five movie-inspired ways to wish your mom, spouse, or partner a happy Mother’s Day this year.

40 Days, One Pair of Socks

Why not wear a pair of socks for 40 days straight? Our owner, Ric Cabot, is known to test new sock styles for 30-straight days, so the bar exists. It’s a statement of the greatness of Merino Wool, and our superior knit – a statement we have truly tested. 40 days, no washing.

A Darn Tough Menagerie: The Folktale Behind Our Animal Socks
Once upon a time, long ago, all the animals of the world were visited by a nomadic hedgehog who had a knack for good storytelling. It was his mission to go around telling all the creatures of the world about a magical place he had visited on his travels.
What on Earth Is a "Lifestyle" Sock?

Huh. This is a great question. I mean, what exactly IS a lifestyle sock? I’ll be honest, I never really knew what a “Lifestyle” sock was until I started wearing them. All I knew at the time was that they were fun and felt good on my feet. But they are so much more than that!

How to Organize Your Sock Drawer: 5 Sock Folds, Rated
Have you ever opened your sock drawer, winced, and just closed it right back up again? Me too. Here’s my story of sock drawer organization, with tips and tutorials on how to organize socks, and my in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of different sock folding methods.
Find Your Valentine's Day Sole-Mate
This Valentine’s Day, instead of swiping and swiping to find your soulmate, let’s spend some time finding your sole-mate. Or, if you’ve already got a soulmate, now’s a great time to hook them up with their future sole-mate.
Winning the Lottery: Tips for Snagging Park Permits

It’s a new year, and that means it is time to think about summer outdoor objectives! It is also time to put in for those tough to get lotteries. To help with your planning, below is a list of 8 of these lotteries with dates, some lottery tips and, of course, the perfect sock for when you win.

7 for 2022: Sock-Centric Resolutions for the New Year

Somehow 2021 seemed to fly by while simultaneously feeling like 2020 never ended. It’s important to keep the glass half-full by finding joy wherever you can. Whether that’s getting outside more, finishing that stack of books or investing in some new Merino Wool socks, now is the perfect time to set some resolutions for 2022.

Socks, the Best Gift for That Person Who's Impossible to Shop for

What do you buy someone(s) who is impossible to shop for? Friends or family members who just don’t care what you get them, they just want some smidge of acknowledgement that you’re thinking about them? Why socks, of course!

T’was the Night of Sock Giving
T’was the night of sock giving, a drink was secured,
With laptop full charge, and the armchair reserved;
There were names on a list, but no presents to match,
So off to Darn Tough with an itch they could scratch.
The Time of Boots & Boot Socks
Want to know the clincher that makes a good boot day a GREAT boot day? Boot socks. Let me tell you why boot socks are so great, and why, if you have a closet full of boots like I do, you also need a matching drawer full of boot socks.
You (Didn’t) Ask, We Answer: Should You Sleep with Socks On?
Sometimes you have to look deep and ask yourself the age-old questions: Am I living up to my full potential? Does a falling tree demand an audience? And should I, or should I not, wear my socks to sleep?
With Names You Can Trust, These Socks Go to Work
When it came to naming our Work socks, it felt only right to name them after those who know a thing or two, because they’ve experienced a thing or two, about what it means to put work in.
Socks with Sandals & Other Controversial Sock Pairings
There are some that are firmly in the “Nope. Absolutely not! I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing socks with sandals” crowd. And then, there are those of us (yes, I include myself) that say, “Why not? Sandals need sock love too.”
To Cushion or Not Too Cushioned: A Sock Cushioning Debate
In this post we’ll break down what sock cushion is, why it’s helpful, the types of cushioning options we offer, and give some examples of different activities where you’d maybe want to go with Cushion or No Cushion.
Bring the HEAT on Zoom
Take your Zoom backgrounds to the next level. Really resonate with the target audience. Show everyone in your life what it means to be Darn Tough with a custom virtual background and that you too, can be a silly goose.
What We Give - Staff Gift Picks
The idea here is pretty simple - when you have all the socks we knit within your grasp, and are looking for a gift, what you choose is likely founded in some clear, comfortable, fitting, local experience you'll guarantee offers a lifetime of joy. 
Mother Knows Best: Socks Gifts for Mom

Not sure it matters if she's your Mom or not, because nearly every woman you know likely appreciates comfortable feet, due to the most comfortable socks. So check out these out sock gift ideas for mom (we even shared our favorite colors):

Dad's Weekend Starter Pack - Sock Gift Ideas
We put a list together of a couple go-to sock gift ideas if you, or someone you know, could use a fresh step. They're great for dad, but these socks are popular with just about everyone, so don't limit yourself.