Staff Picks: New Styles & Colors for 2024

Emily sitting on her desk wearing her favorite socks with her dog nearby

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with
a single step… and a new pair of socks. — Lao Tzu”
– Darn Tough Vermont

There’s something about a fresh pair of socks (and quoting quotes like Michael Scott) that tickles our fancy. That feeling of freshly knit, soft Merino Wool sliding onto your foot, snug in its fit and guaranteed for life – there’s nothing better.

You know it. We know it. And certainly, the people at our Mill know it… perhaps better than anyone else in the world. So, for this round of Staff Picks, we took to the knitting floor here in Waterbury to find out which new pairs (and colors) people are most excited about and why.

These are their stories.

Andrea D.

Andrea holding up the Horizon run sock

Andrea's Pick: Women's Horizon (Canyon)

Position: Warranty Specialist

Proud Vermonter and grandmother of 7, Andrea finds comfort in just about everything – her job, her family, and of course her socks. When asked what motivates her, she says “helping customers exchange their socks” is what stokes her flame… the same way her favorite pair feeds her soles.

A colorful addition to our Women’s Run line, the Horizon Micro Crew keeps pace with Andrea’s busy schedule and adds a dash of style that never goes unnoticed. Whether she’s processing warranty claims or selling her homemade weighted blankets at the local Harvest Market, Andrea prioritizes comfort – and socks like the Horizon, she says, make it easy.

Emily B.

Emily holding up the Fruit Stand shorty sock

Emily's Pick: Women's Fruit Stand (Grapefruit)

Position: Warranty Specialist

As a Warranty Specialist, we were curious to ask Emily if she’s ever warrantied a sock herself. The first pair she ever bought lasted nearly a decade but was never warrantied. She did, however, exchange an old pair at Mount Washington’s Pinkham Notch once, but that was before her time at Darn Tough.

An avid skateboarder and former horseback rider, Emily is no stranger to needing soft and supportive socks that last. The new Fruit Stand Shorty is her favorite to throw on when she’s throwing down at the park or saddling up.

“It’s just the right height,” she says, “and the most versatile option we offer.” And one she knows her dog Kira would just love to get her paws on.

Robb R.

Robb holding up the Bolt Micro Crew sock

Robb's Pick: Men's Bolt (Black)

Position: 1st Shift Production Supervisor

Robb might be one of the most likeable guys at Darn Tough, but don’t let his smile fool you… this dude is a menace on the ice. As someone who plays hockey 5 days a week, Robb’s never without his favorite new sock, the Bolt Micro Crew. Whether he’s deking defenders or pushing the puck, Robb’s ‘secret stuff’ is always tucked beneath his skates.

The Bolt’s subtle touch of cushion, he explains, provides just enough comfort for countless hours on the ice. And the dark colorway (like Ovi in his prime) really hits, he adds.

Off the clock, when he’s not racking up minutes in the penalty box, you can find Robb passing the biscuit with his two kids on their backyard ice rink or reading sci-fi novels.

Steph M.

Steph holding up the Hiker Micro Crew sock

Steph’s Pick: Women's Hiker Micro Crew (Copper*)

*Exclusive colorway not available for purchase online but can be found in select stores.

Position: D2C Associate

A former chef, Steph’s forte in the kitchen has always been preparing comfort food. But since swapping her knife skills for socks, comfort is still very much at the heart of what she does. From her go-to homemade meatloaf and meatballs, Steph keeps whipping up comfortable dishes (and memories) while wearing her favorite sock, the Hiker Micro Crew.

“They’re good from the summit to the couch,” said Steph, a line she dropped so casually you’d think she worked in Marketing. “And I love this new color.”

At our Mill, Steph’s day-to-day is much less cut-throat than working in any restaurant, and her friendly coworkers, she says, are a huge reason why. We appreciate you, chef.

Ryan M. 

Ryan holding up the Hiker Micro Crew sock in bright orange

Ryan's Pick: Men's Hiker Micro Crew (Blaze*)

*Exclusive colorway not available for purchase online but can be found in select stores.

Position: Technician

A tinkerer by trade, Ryan attributes his knack for fixing our knitting machines to his love for small engines. Be it go-karts, lawnmowers, or golf carts… Ryan has fixed them all.

But something he’ll likely never fix (though we bet he could) is our patented Hiker Micro Crew. Tried and true, this trailblazing sock is a legend... and one his 12-year-old son insisted he add into his rotation.

When he’s not getting inked or rolling strikes at the local bowling alley, Ryan enjoys hanging out and playing music with his punk band. When asked what he likes about working at Darn Tough, he responded quickly, “It’s the people. There’s a communal sense of family here that extends beyond the Mill.” Plus, the socks, he adds, are pretty rad too.

Brianna R.

Brianna holding up the Critter Club sock with the dog on it

Brianna's Pick: Women's Critter Club (Bark)

Position: B2C Supervisor

To Brianna, living a simple life is meaningful – which explains why she recently moved into a camper van. The limited space, she says, helped her eliminate clutter while holding onto the things that truly matter (like her ice skates and stash of Darn Tough socks).

Admittedly, Brianna’s not a huge fan of our animal socks, but the Critter Club with the dog on it was enough to convince her. She used to have a Husky that showed her unconditional love, so naturally this design resonated with her. “Cool colors, classic cushion, and all-day comfort never looked this good.”

Whether she’s at work, racing Thunder Road, or kicking back to relax in her van, Brianna finds confidence in comfort – and that starts with her feet.

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