Our Mill

Father and son Marc and Ric Cabot, founders of Darn Tough, standing in the Northfield Mill together

One Family

We are family owned. For close to 40 years we’ve been knitting socks here in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We are three generations strong and know how to make socks. Crafting the world’s most comfortable, durable, and best fitting socks is an ardent skill passed down from father to son. This commitment, this passion, it’s in the blood.

One Mission

Darn Tough Vermont is a family-owned, American manufacturer of end-use-specific socks. We design, manufacture, sell and promote the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks available in the market today. This promise is backed up by our unconditional lifetime guarantee. If you can wear out our socks we will replace them free of charge.

Darn Tough worker at Waterbury adjusting settings on a sock washing machine

Darn Tough worker at the Mill in Vermont working on a sock knitting machine

One Mill

We are one mill. Every step of the knitting process happens right here, by us, locally if you will, in Northfield, Vermont. All-under-one-roof affords us the ultimate in quality and control. It yields a sock that is unparalleled in comfort, durability and fit. “Nobody ever outsourced anything for quality,” is why we’re still making our socks here in Northfield, Vermont. U.S.A.

We don't answer to shareholders. We answer to each other.

Causes We Support

We looked at ways we could help with COVID-19 response. The fact is, we knit, we do not cut and sew - we're not set up for that - and mask making wasn't something we could just order up and get working on. But we had socks, and we knew if there's something we could do quick, it was make more socks. Something unique to benefit people. The Foodbank Farmer's Market sock — 100 percent of proceeds donated to the Vermont Foodbank.

Close up look at the design on the Vermont Foodbank sock